10 things that make college football unique and should never be changed via ESPN.


Here is an interesting article that was on ESPN.com recently. 10 Things that make college football unique and should never be changed.  Check this list out, because I agree with just about all of them. I’d like to add a few more.

Bowl Games

To me there is something about bowl games that I like. You can say there are too many, but you are probably still watching. CBSSportsline has a great article on the fun of bowl games.  I don’t have a problem with a bunch of bowl games. Even if the playoffs are expanded – it should stop at 8 by the way, you can still incorporate the bowls. No other sport  lets multiple teams finish the season with a post-season win. I’m fine with that.

Traditional Rivalries

The ESPN piece mentioned a few rivalries that they’d like to keep, but with all of the changes in college football, I really miss games like Oklahoma/Nebraska and Texas/Texas A&M. Yes college football is doing great, but it can take years to replaces some of these traditional rivalries.

Option Football

As long as the academies are playing college football, I doubt option football will ever go away at the collegiate level, but there aren’t many teams that run it anymore. When it it run right it is a thing of beauty. I’d hate to see reduced to being only played by some high schools.

Non-Power 5 conference playing Division 1 football

Please let the power brokers that be in college football never isolate the Power 5 conferences from the group of 5 teams. The Boise State’s, and in years past the TCUs and Utahs have helped make college football the sport its.




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