What if an ACC Network doesn’t happen?


For the last 2-3  years we’ve heard that an ACC Network is in discussion with ESPN. We’ve posted on this topic several times here on this blog giving periodic updates when when any noteworthy information was released. I firmly believe an ACC Network is coming, but there hasn’t been official announcement. Until that happens there is still a remote chance that an ACC network or another conference revenue generator doesn’t come to fruition. Then what?

What if the unthinkable occurs and a new revenue generator doesn’t happen?

It’s not a scenario ACC schools or fans like to think about.

Should the network not happen in the next few years the ACC will take PR hits on several fronts. No matter how mis-guided a FSU BOT member can sometimes be, when they recently shared concerns about a network starting – just think about that times 10. 5 years from now, and there is no network several ACC schools BOT members, ADs, and presidents will begin in earnest asking where additional revenue will be coming from. We all know where that will lead to in the end…

It’s not hard to envision a future where the SEC looks squarely east to North Carolina and Virginia, the Big 10 will go east and south for new members. Who knows what happens to the Big 12. They have their own internal issues at the moment. Once the Big 10 and SEC pick the ACC apart, the viable leftovers either move to the Big 12, or the ACC absorbs what the Pac 12 doesn’t take themselves from the Big 12.

What you have left in any scenario is water downed ACC, if one exists at all.

That’s how important an additional revenue generator is in my opinion. I don’t think the ACC survives past it’s current TV deal. Schools may even challenge the GOR as the contract nears it’s conclusion.

John Swofford’s legacy?

Forget it… We’ve wrote on this before. His legacy as ACC commisioner will be severly damaged. An ACC Network/additional revenue generator is an absolute must. I don’t believe the ACC survives without it. The perception hit will be too big, the grumbling from fans, and schools will be to much.

The good news is I don’t see that scenario ever playing out. The ACC will eventually get their network or some other additional revenue generator, because the alternative would be too great to overcome.

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