Who has the bragging rights in the Virginia Virginia Tech rivalry?


First off congratulations to the Virginia Cavaliers on their improbable run to the College Baseball national championship series where they will face the Vanderbilt Commodores. The Cavaliers opened the year in the top 5, but a series of injuries and misfortune had the Cavaliers struggling to make the ACC tournament just a few weeks ago. They are healthier now, and took 2 of 3 against a Florida team that I felt was the tournament’s best. Vanderbilit has slightly better pitching than the Florida, but the Gators are much better offensively. Good luck to the Hoos in the quest to the win national title.

With the Cavaliers making the title game it there was some back and forth between their fans and Hokie fans on twitter. From an outsider like me this rivalry has become fascinating. I don’t think there’s any other that has the results these two have had especially recently. Who owns the bragging rights?

Virginia Tech has has won 11 straight football games against Virginia, and 15 of the last 16. No other ACC team has such a lopsided football record against their in-state rival as Virginia does to Virginia Tech.

Here’s where Virginia comes back though. They are better than Virginia Tech at just about everything else. The Hokies do have the advantage in wrestling and track and field. The Cavalier’s basketball team is now a perennial top 15 team with back to back regular season ACC Titles. The baseball team has become one of the nation’s very best. There are national titles in the last 5 years in men’s lacrosse, men’s soccer, and men’s tennis. Virginia Tech has exactly ZERO national titles in any sport in their history.

So who has the upperhand? If you are Clemson fan which end of the spectrum would want to be with South Carolina? FSU fans with Florida? Georgia Tech fans with Georgia?  It’s hard to argue the enjoyment of winning so many football games in a row, but the success of so many other sports sure would be a lot of fun. Especially when sports like basketball and baseball have been a couple of the best in the country. This is a topic that came up on recent podcast with @Hokiesmash and I.

I think this is a good time for Poll.

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