Ways to improve College Football from CBSSportsline – range from the ridiculous to smart.


Usually the discussion how to improve the sport is reserved for college basketball. That is not the case here. CBSSportsline takes a stab how to improve college football with 6 suggestions.   Check out their article to get a full description of the suggested rule changes.

1. Let’s get rid of the kickoff – Uh no. The concern here is player safety. Already the kickoffs are made at 35 yard line to promote safety. This is an integral part of the game.

2. Running clock after 1st down – I’m indifferent to this. This reduces the number of plays in a game, and speeds the game up. It would take away from teams trying to make a comeback, and that’s a drawback.

3. Get rid of extra points – You can move it back if you wish, but what’s the point of removing it? Many a game has been decided by a missed extra point. This is just changing a rule for the sake of changing.

4. Fumble through endzone is a touchback – I don’t like this rule. It’s never made sense to me. I understand trying to discourage intentional fumbling, but changing possession without a defensive player ever gaining possession?  If the defense doesn’t get the ball when it is fumbled out of bounds why should they here?

5. Allow Helmet Communication – I don’t see a problem. The NFL does it.

6. Pylon and Sideline Cameras – As long as were going to review plays, more cameras can only be better. I’m all for this one.

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