Did Florida State earn a top 8 National Seed with the ACC Baseball Title? What about Louisville and Miami?


First off Congratulations to the Florida State Seminoles for winning the ACC Baseball Title. After getting swept at home by Clemson the Noles responded with a strong week of baseball that may lift them to a top 8 National Seed. Let’s see what their chances are…

D1Baseball.com prior to today’s games looked at how the Top 8 National Seeds stood. 

National Seeds

SECURE TEAMS: LSU, UCLA, Louisville, Illinois, Miami, Florida

ON THE BUBBLE (IN): Texas A&M, Missouri State

ON THE BUBBLE (OUT): Vanderbilt, Florida State, Dallas Baptist, Houston

Changes from Friday: Missouri State replaces TCU as national seed.

Vanderbilt is losing to Florida 5-2 in the SEC Title game, but that game is only in the 3rd inning. If that score holds, Vanderbilt is out of the picture. I think the secure teams are locks. Louisville despite a shaky ACC tournament, had a stellar regular season. Miami lost only 1 game in the ACC tournament and is the number 1 ranked RPI team. I’m not really sure I buy Illinois coming out of a mediocre Big 10, but they have the fewest losses of any team in consideration. They didn’t win the Big 10 tournament title either, but they will be a top 8 seed.

I like Texas A&M being one top 8 seeds as well.

I think the last national seed will come down to Missouri State, Florida State, and TCU.

Good luck separating RPI teams 7 – TCU, 8 – Missouri State and 10 – Florida State. It’s hard to see 3 ACC Teams ending up as top 8 seeds. That sweep by Clemson may do Florida State in. Certainly the Seminoles deserve a shot. ESPN has predicted that Noles will not be a top 8 seed, and so far I haven’t seen any projection that has FSU as a top 8.

There’s always a chance though…

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