North Carolina State is quietly having a strong athletic year in 2015.


NC State sometimes gets lost in the shuffle in the ACC. Sometimes they even get lost a bit on Tobacco road, but if you are a NC State fan you’ve had quite a bit to cheer to about over the last few months. Back in 2012 we noted the Wolfpack were one of only three teams in the nation to win a bowl game, reach the sweet 16, and make it to the Super Regionals in baseball. 

The Wolfpack can pull the trick again this year. The NC State football team won the St. Petersburg bowl, and the men’s basketball team went to the sweet 16. The baseball team will play Florida State for the ACC Title on Sunday and will make the NCAA tournament. Only 2 other schools in the nation have a shot to do this – Notre Dame and UCLA.

That speaks to the balance of NC State in 3 of the top sports in college athletics. Their women’s softball team advanced to the NCAA super regional’s as well. No ACC school make that claim to have a bowl game win, make a sweet 16, make the NCAA baseball tournament, and the women’s softball super regionals. Only UCLA can make a similar claim.

For NC State fans it might be a little frustrating to not yet have fielded a top 15 type national championship team, but they should be awfully proud of their sports across the board. As far the ACC goes, other ACC programs have shown really good balance with very solid results in several sports.

Louisville was the only ACC school to make a bowl game, make the sweet 16, and have teams in the women’s basketball and softball tournament. The men’s baseball team will be in the NCAAs and likely a top 8 seed. Florida State made the college football playoff, their women made the basketball and softball tournaments, and men’s baseball will be in the NCAA tournament also. Duke won 9 games in football and a national title in basketball, plus women’s basketball made a run to the sweet 16.

@Hokiesmash has been keeping us update on the Director’s Cup which track results across all collegiate sports. UNC, Notre Dame, Florida State, Virginia, NC State, Duke and Louisville were all in the top 30 from the ACC.

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