Ranking every Power 5 and Independents Head football coach 1-68 for 2015. Here is 10-19.


Records shown are at current school with their conference records.

Coaching Rankings : 1-9 | 20-29  | 30-39 | 40-49 | 50-59 | 60-68

10) Bill Snyder – Kansas State (187-94, 109-71-1)

One of the true coaching greats in college football, Bill Snyder is the only coach that’s ever been able to win at Kansas State. He still winning there too. Snyder is averaging 9.5 wins the last 4 years at Kansas State.

11) Les Miles – LSU (103-29, 56-24)

Under Les Miles, LSU won a national title in 2007, and there was a national title appearance in 2011. There were 4 straight 10+ win season’s from 2010-2013. In 2014 the Tigers went 8-5, and ended up outside the top 25. Not bad at most places, but when you’ve won like Miles has at LSU, that’s a down season.

12) Gus Malzahn – Auburn (20-7, 11-5)

It took Gus Malzahn exactly 1 year to take a 3-9 Auburn team that went winless in the SEC in 2012 to the national title game in 2013. Are you kidding me? Last year was a letdown 8-5 year, but few coaches can match Malzahn’s ability to coach offenses.

13) Mark Richt – Georgia (136-48, 78-34)

9 10+ win seasons in 14 years at Georgia for Mark Richt is an extremely impressive record. Georgia is one of the most consistent winners in the country, and are a top 25 fixture. Georgia will never be truly great under Richt, but maybe very good isn’t so bad.

14) Steve Spurrier – South Carolina (84-45, 44-36)

Steve Spurrier went only 7-6 last year at South Carolina, but lets not forget the three previous seasons with 11 wins each. It’s was the greatest 3 year run of football at South Carolina… ever. He is known as one of the most innovative offensive minds in college football history, and he won a national title at Florida.

15) David Cutcliffe – Duke (40-48, 20-36)

How can a coach a record below .500 overall and in conference be included among the top 25 coaches in the country? When you consider the incredible restoration project that was Duke football. From a program that was one of the worst in Division 1 to winning 19 games the last two years, and now he’s recruiting well in Durham.

16) Dabo Swinney – Clemson (61-26, 39-14)

Dabo Swinney has turned the Clemson Tigers into a national power – 4 straight 10+ win seasons with Clemson finishing in the top 15 the last 3 years. A program known for it’s chronic underachievement since the early 90s until Swinney’s arrival is now one of the country’s better ones.

17) Gary Pinkel – Missouri (113-66, 63-50)

Gary Pinkel has just won a kool 23 games the last two years at Missouri. He’s led Missouri to two straight SEC Championship games appearances. He hasn’t won fewer than 8 games at Missouri, but one time since 2005.

18) Jim Mora – UCLA (29-11, 18-9)

UCLA was a football program stuck in neutral for years. It simply wasn’t winning at a rate, that most people expected. Then Jim Mora arrived at UCLA. He’s won 29 games in 3 years including back to back to 10 win seasons. He’s went 6-3 all three years in the Pac 12, which is pretty strong.

19) Jim Harbaugh – Michigan (0-0, 0-0)

In my first run through these rankings I had Jim Harbaugh, just outside the top 20. After thinking about, I really felt he’s one of the 20 best coaches in America. He’s won everywhere he has been from the FCS, to the Pac 12, to the NFL. He’ll eventually turn Michigan into a worthy challenger to Ohio State.

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