Ranking every Power 5 and Independents Head football coach 1-68 for 2015. Here is 40-49.


Records shown are at current school with their conference records.

Coaching Rankings : 1-9 | 10-19 | 20-29 | 30-39 | 50-5960-68

40) Jim McElwain – Florida (0-0, 0-0)

Jim McElwain rebuilt Colorado State from a 4 win team to a 10 win one, in 3 years. This is his first year head coaching at Florida. On paper not a home run hire, but solid.

41) Chris Peterson – Washington 8-6 (4-5)

How do you have 3 first round picks and go 8-6? That’s what happened to Chris Peterson and Washington this year. Peterson did great work at Boise State, and I expect more at Washington.

42) Steve Addazio – Boston College (14-12, 8-8)

Steve Addazio took over a BC program that was completely stagnant. He’s brought some toughness back to Boston College, and we’ll see if he can take BC beyond the 7 win seasons of the last two years.

43) Jerry Kill – Minnesota (25-26, 13-19)

Jerry Kill has had back to back to 8 wins season at Minnesota, after a 9-16 start. The Gophers could do a lot worse. Kill has restored some pride to that program.

44) Kirk Ferentz – Iowa (115-85, 68-60)

 Since a 2009 11-2 season, Kirk Ferentz has been just OK at Iowa. What I don’t like is there is just one season since 09, where Iowa was better than .500 in the Big 10.

45) Mike Riley – Nebraska (0-0, 0-0)

Nebraska could have done better right? Mike Riley had a losing Pac 12 record 4 of the last 5 years at Oregon State. Maybe a change of scenery will get Riley back to where he was from 2006-2009 at Oregon State, when he won 36 games in 4 years.

46) Butch Jones – Tennessee (12-13, 5-11)

Butch Jones is the SEC East version of Brett Bieliema. Things looked poised to turn around in Knoxville in year 3 of Jones’s tenure. Like with Bieliema they better…

47) Dave Doeren – NC State (11-14, 3-13)

Dave Doeren went winless in the ACC in his first year at NC State. He rebounded for an 8-5 season last year. Doeren needs to build on that.

48) Brett Bieliema – Arkansas (10-15, 2-14)

Brett Bieliema has won 2 SEC games in 2 years… Not 5, Not 4, Not 3 but 2. Bieliema has some tough competition in the SEC West, and seems poised for a good 2015. It better be…

49) Dana Holgorsen – West Virginia (28-23, 16-18)

West Virginia’s Dana Holgorsen went 10-3 with an Orange Bowl win in 2011. He is 18-20 since, with an 11-16 Big 12 record. Mountaineer fans are starting to get a little restless.

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