ACC Ties Pac 12 with most 2015 NFL 1st Rounders.


With 9 first rounders the ACC and Pac 12 led all conferences for the most 2015 NFL 1st rounders. Where was the SEC? They finished 3rd with 7. If the on field results haven’t convinced you, then the NFL draft will. The SEC is no longer heads and shoulders above the rest of the country when it comes to college football. The Pac 12 as many thought had real depth of talent, and produced some very good teams.

The ACC continues to produce a high number of NFL quality players, which makes sense as their football resume has improved over the last 3 years.

We will see how the rest of the draft goes, but it was a strong start for the Pac 12 and ACC.

Here are the 1st round results from SI.com.

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