Ranking every Power 5 and Independents Head football coach 1-68 for 2015. Here is 50-59.


Records shown are at current school with their conference records.

Coaching Rankings : 1-9 | 10-19 | 20-29 | 30-39 | 40-49 | 60-68

50) Larry Fedora – North Carolina (21-17, 13-11)

Fedora has been at North Carolina 3 years, and the Tar Heels have gotten worse each season. East Carolina has built their season highlight film around the UNC game the last two years.

51) Mike Leach – Washington State (12-25, 7-20)

When he was at Texas Tech, Mike Leach did great work turning the Red Raiders into a high quality football program. Has he lost his touch? There’s been little to no progress in 3 years at Washington State.

52) Al Golden – Miami (28-22, 16-16)

Watch the NFL draft this year, and you’ll see how little Al Golden has done with all that talent.

53) Dave Clawson – Wake Forest (3-9, 1-7)

Dave Clawson inherited a tough situation at Wake Forest, and there were positive signs at the end of the year. He may be higher on this list in a couple of years.

54) Kliff Kingsbury – Texas Tech (12-13, 6-12)

Kliff Kingsbury led Texas Tech to a 4-8 2014. That was their worst season since 1983 .

55) Jeff Monken – Army (4-8)

No Army fan will care how many games Jeff Monken loses if he can stop that 13 game losing streak to Navy.

56) Paul Chryst – Wisconsin (0-0, 0-0)

Pittsburgh was completely mediocre under Paul Chryst. Panther fans were thrilled they ended up with Pat Narduzzi, when Chryst left for Wisconsin… enough said.

57) Randy Edsall – Maryland (20-30, 10-22)

Ralph Friedgen was forced out at Maryland, and the Terrapins ended up with Edsall who’s never had a season better than 7-6.

58) David Beaty  – Kansas (0-0, 0-0)

David Beaty has no head coaching experience, and now he’s going to Kansas. Good luck…

59) Scott Shafer  – Syracuse (10-15, 5-11)

Syracuse went 7-6 and won a bowl game in Scott Shafers first year. Last year the Orange went 3-9 and won 1 ACC game. That’s trending in the wrong direction.

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