Articles from around the ACC Blogosphere March 17, 2015

ACCBlogWe are back with some Articles around the ACC Blogosphere…. The NCAA tournament begins this week, and I’m sure the ACC bloggers have some thoughts on that. Let’s get right to it.

Duke Blog DukeBasketballReport says Virginia may haven gotten a better as a 2 seed than Duke as 1 seed.  Interesting…

Let’s see what Virginia blog StreakingtheLawn thinks about Duke getting the 1 seed and Virginia the 2. Look at resumes if you want, but the reason Virginia is a 2 seed is because of Justin Anderson’s injury status.

Don’t get me started on Brian Gregory returning to Georgia Tech. That said the folks at Yellow Jacket Blog FromtheRumbleSeat are focusing on foootball. Good choice… They have named Justin Thomas their most outstanding player of the 2014 season.  I can’t argue with that. Thomas is a special player.

Louisville Blog UofLCardGame thinks that for the Cardinals to win the East Region it is not mission impossible. Rick Pitino is going to have to work some magic for that to happen, I think.

TarHeelsBlog looks at the UNC players NCAA Tournament experience.  It is not as much as you’d think.

Need a quick peek at ACC Basketball for next season? FSU blog Tomahawknation ranks the ACC basketball teams for next year. 

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  1. Stephen says:

    Interestingly how fast the talk of an ACCnet vanished after the AD and President of FSU made statements–and followed on here–indicating that it was moving forward rather quickly….so what has happened…what is the hold-up…is it no longer if not when?

    1. Jfann says:

      Nothing has changed in regards to the network. News comes in bits and pieces. There were no imminent announcements forthcoming, just further indications that things are continuing to move forward. I would expect more concrete statements as the year progresses.

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