Did Georgia Tech give up on basketball by bringing back Brian Gregory?


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Most of the time on the blog, I try to maintain some level of objectivity in my posts. Today I cannot do that. I am a Georgia Tech alum, and my fan hat is going on. I was bitterly disappointed to learn that Brian Gregory is returning to Georgia Tech as head basketball coach. 

Look I have nothing against Brian Gregory the man.

He’s ran a clean program. His players go to class. He’s disciplined players without hesitation, just ask Glen Rice Jr.  or Chris Bolden. Gregory never embarrassed the school or program. These are all admirable qualities. I think any Georgia Tech fan wanted Brian Gregory to do well.

There’s one big problem. Brian Gregory didn’t win at Georgia Tech. His record at Georgia Tech is 55-71, with an ACC record of 19-51. That is the worst 4 year ACC stretch that Georgia Tech has had since the 1979-1982 seasons. He has been at Georgia Tech 4 years, and has yet to make the post-season of any sort. Gregory is clearly overwhelmed at this level in the ACC, so why is he returning? Did Georgia Tech basically just say we give up on basketball for the time being?

I think the answer to a certain extent is yes, Georgia Tech has given up at least for couple of seasons. Here’s why…

Brian Gregory will enter next season with a seat that is absolutely on fire. That makes recruiting a near impossibility. Good luck entering a player’s home trying to assure them you will be coaching beyond next year. If we are hoping that year 5 of Gregory’s tenure will be different than the previous ones, then that goes against everything we’ve seen in his first 4 years.

Georgia Tech is at least 3 years away from returning to basketball relevancy, as it will take a new coach at least 2 years to start to re-build the program.

Am I bad fan for voicing my displeasure with this decision? I think the remaining Georgia Tech basketball fans that even care at all is dwindling. In the end, I believe this was a financial decision for AD Mike Bobinksi who foolishly redid Gregory’s contract in 2013. Georgia Tech would still be on the hook for over $3 Million in buyouts for Gregory and previous coach Paul Hewitt.

I hope as much as anyone that I’m wrong, and Georgia Tech is 23-9 next year and headed to the NCAAs. I’ll happily eat my crow and admit I was wrong, but right now the 2015-2016 season looks like another lost one for the Yellow Jackets.

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  1. Hokie Mark says:

    Brutal. Simply Brutal. And this from a fan of a bad basketball team.

  2. RamblinRed says:

    While I won’t say they gave up on the program, it is fair to say they have decided to set it back 3 years – likely until the buyouts are largely gone.

    By not making the move this year MBob has made the position less desirable.
    Next year’s team could win with a good coach – that would allow a new coach to build some goodwill. Then he would also have 4-5 schollies to use to quickly rebuild.

    now we are going at last one more season. If Gregory gets fired, a new coach has to start with a weak and inexperienced roster that will not allow him to win over fans in yr 1 and be hamstrung in giving out schollies for a couple of years.

    Bad situation and bad decisions by GT AD’s and the continued Hewitt contract bomb further GT basketball fall into Les Robinson territory.

    1. Jfann says:

      I’m even more shocked now that Bobinski has said the finances didn’t play a factor. Just a stunning move.

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