Projecting the NCAA Seeds for the ACC following the #ACCTourney.


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First off Congratulations to Notre Dame for winning the ACC Tournament. In the 2nd half the Irish played as good an offensive 5 minutes of basketball as you are going to see this year. Wow was all I could after seeing that.

So following the ACC Tournament where will the ACC teams end up in the NCAA tournament?

Duke Blue Devils  (29-4) – Projected Seed 1

The Blue Devils have built up such an impressive resume with wins at Wisconsin, and at a healthy Virginia among them. The lost to Notre Dame in the ACC Tournament, but that was their only loss since January.

Notre Dame (29-5) – Projected Seed 2

The Irish were fantastic in the ACC Tournament knocking off Miami, Duke, and then North Carolina to win the ACC Title. Their non-conference schedule keeps them off the 1 line, but they moved themselves into solid 2 seed position.

Virginia (29-3) – Projected Seed 2

It was a bid of back luck that the Cavaliers will likely end up a 2 seed. They lost 2 of their last 3 games, and as I’ve said on the blog before, I believe the committee will hold the Justin Anderson injury status against the Hoos. They needed 2 out of Villanova, Arizona, or Wisconsin to lose in their conference tournaments. None have lost yet, and Villanova won their conference tournament.

North Carolina (24-11) – Projected Seed 4

The Tar Heels made a nice run in the ACC Tournament getting to the finals and beating Virginia and Louisville in the process. That lifts the Tar Heels to a 4 seed. You watch now, the committee is going to put North Carolina in Kentucky’s bracket for a potential 1-4 Sweet 16 game, and if it’s not UNC it will be the team below.

Louisville (24-8) – Projected Seed 5

Louisville ended the year not playing all that well. Yes there was win over Virginia, but they also went just 5-5 in their last 10  games. There’s not much difference between a 4 and 5 seed. If UNC is not it Kentucky’s bracket, Louisville will be. I just have a feeling about that.

NC State (20-13) – Projected Seed 10 

The Wolfpack are easily in the Big Dance, and their ugly loss to Duke in the ACC Tournament, may have been a blessing in disguise. It keeps NC State out of the dreaded 8-9 game. You don’t think NC State doesn’t have a shot at Gonzaga, Kansas or Iowa State type 2 seed?

Miami (21-12) – Projected Seed 12

Will Miami make the tournament? If they do, they can thank the SEC’s Bubble team implosion during their conference tournament. Some bracketologists had a simply bewildering 6 SEC teams in the NCAAs. The SEC won’t get more than 4 bids, and that is still probably 2 to many, but the result still helps Miami. The Canes only have 6 top 100 wins, but they do have a win at Duke, won 4 of their last 6 games, and went 10-8 in the ACC. Miami will be sweating during Selection Sunday.

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