For NC State, Miami, and Pittsburgh, the ACC Tournament will lack Bubble Drama… mostly


Sunday we will analyze the whole the ACC the their NCAA tournament chances, but today we are focusing on the ACC’s three most bubblicious teams – NC State, Miami, and Pittsburgh.

Well at least coming into the week, they were on the bubble…

NC State (19-12) (10-8) 

The Wolfpack are in the Big Dance, after winning 5 of the last 6 games. No drama for NC State in the ACC Tournament, they are making the Big Dance for the 4th straight year under Mark Gottfried. That’s how you play your way into the NCAAs. They played a great 2nd half against Syracuse Saturday.

Miami (20-11) (10-8)

I think the Hurricanes are in pretty good shape. The committee likes road wins, the Canes got two this week, with victories over Pittsburgh and Virginia Tech. They are 5-2 in the last 7 games. Despite a RPI in the 60s, I like Miami chances to make NCAAs. I would advise winning at least 1 ACC Tournament game. It looks like it will be the winner of the Virginia Tech Wake Forest game as that opponent. 2 Wins and Miami is a lock, 1 win and the Canes should be in. If Miami goes winless, they’ll be sweating out selection Sunday big time.

Pittsburgh (19-13) (8-10) 

A week ago, Pittsburgh was 19-10 (8-7), and was in position to make the NCAA with a decent finish. Losing your final 3 games to fall 2 games below .500 in the conference was a complete disaster for the Panthers. Pitt is completely off the NCAA radar now. If the Panthers don’t win the ACC Tournament, they will be hosting an NIT game.

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