The ACC’s 10 best Out of Conference football wins since 2010.


2 Years ago I wrote an article where I listed the ACC’s best wins since 2008.  Let me tell you, it was a hard search. So much so, that Georgia Tech’s 21-7 victory over a 7 win USC team in the Sun ranked 10th. How times have changed… Take a look at the last 5 years at how far the ACC has come.

Stayed tuned for the 10 worst losses in the since 2010 (or last 5 years), because there is still work to be done for the ACC. We are going to start with the positive first.

1. #1 Florida State 34 #2 Auburn 31 – January 6, 2014

What else but this game could be number 1? It will end up being the most historically significant National Championship of the next decade. This Seminole team was the SEC National Championship streak stopper that ended at 7. It also marked the end of SEC’s dominance over college football, and gave the ACC it’s first national championship in football in over a decade. This Florida State team was a transcendent group, that achieved greatness.

2. #15 Clemson 25  #9 LSU 24 – December 31, 2012

If any game marked the beginning of the ACC being able to compete with the elite of college football it was this one. At the time the SEC was still the standard when it came to college football. Clemson defeated a LSU team that was a handful of plays from the national title game. The game also proved Clemson had the potential to be a college football power. 2 more seasons since that game, and Clemson has now established itself as one of the better college football programs in the country,

3. #12 Georgia Tech 49 #7 Mississippi St. 34 – December 31, 2014

This games was significant in so many ways. It proved Paul Johnson’s Triple Option could succeed even if the opponent had weeks to prepare, and it lifted Georgia Tech to a top 10 finish in the 2014 season. The win was part of a series of SEC West losses where each ranked SEC West team lost it’s bowl game proving the best football teams in the country could now play and defeat the best teams the SEC had to offer. It also proved the ACC in a given year could be deeper than Florida State and Clemson.

4. #12 Clemson 40 #7 Ohio State 35 – January 3, 2014

Clemson showed with this win, that they were here to stay as a football power. Along with FSU’s national championship win, it gave the ACC a 2-0 BCS record in 2013. The 2-13 BCS record of the ACC was a distant memory. Urban Meyer has only lost 3 games in 3 years at Ohio State, and this is one of them. You’ll see the second one on this list as well. Clemson used this win to finish 2013 in the top 10.

5. #16 Georgia Tech  30 #9 Georgia 24  – November 29, 2014

Georgia entered this week as a darkhorse to make the college football playoff. Missouri’s winning the SEC East effectively ended the Bulldogs playoff chances, but you can see how well UGA was regarded. Georgia Tech hadn’t beat Georgia since 2008, but this win gave the Yellow Jackets a chance at a truly great season. Add in the fact the ACC went 4-0 against the SEC in rivalry games, with this being the crowning jewel of that weekend.

6. Virginia Tech 35 #8 Ohio State 21 – September 6, 2014

Ohio State lost one game in 2014 on their way to the National Title and it was at home to the Virginia Tech Hokies. This game is a little lower on the list because Virginia Tech couldn’t use it propel itself to a great season. It was more of a singular event than some of the other games. That said we were again able to see the genius of Bud Foster as a defensive coordinator. Foster called a masterpiece of a game, and Buckeyes had no answer. This result very nearly kept Ohio State out of the college football playoff.

7. #8 Clemson 38 #5 Georgia 35 – August 31, 2013 

Georgia entered this game as a pre-season national title contender. Clemson was coming off the Chick Fil A Bowl win over LSU that we’ve already mentioned. The Tigers won this game, and around the country people knew the Tigers were building something. The win helped the Tigers eventually get to #3 in the country setting up one of the most anticipated ACC games ever when they faced fellow top 5 team Florida State. It was the first time a non-SEC team had beat back to back top 10 SEC teams.

8. #2 Florida State 31 #5 Notre Dame 27 – October 19, 2014 

Notre Dame’s last season swoon takes a little luster off this battle, but at the time it was one of the biggest games of the 2014 season. It turned out to be the 2nd highest rated college football game of the regular season, and kept Florida State in the thick of the national title chase. It was a tremendous game that wasn’t decided until the final seconds, as the entire nation watched.

9. #23 Florida State 26  #19 South Carolina 19 – December 31, 2010

This was one of the first games where you really got the feeling that Jimbo Fisher would be capable of turning the Noles into a National Power. This Chick Fil A Bowl win was against a South Carolina team that won the SEC East and had defeated #1 Alabama earlier in the year. Florida State showed a physicality in this game that would be part of the the Noles national title run a couple of years later.

10. Boston College 37 #9 USC 31 – September 13, 2014 

People have forgotten what an impressive win this was for Boston College. The Pac 12 was considered the best or second best conference in college football in 2014, and this USC team finished 9-4 and in the top 25. They entered this game in the top 10, and Boston College ran for a whopping 452 yards in the 37-31 win.

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  1. Hokie Mark says:

    Good choices, but sadly the quality drops off after #7. TBH, I’d probably move #10 up to #8 spot.

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