The Passing of Dean Smith…


Today is sad day for the UNC basketball family. Legendary coach North Carolina head coach Dean Smith has passed away. Our condolences to Dean Smith’s family and friends.

This is the ACC press release statement from John Swofford, that @Hokiesmash sent to me.

“We’ve known for a while this day would come, but it still hits hard.

Sometimes we are blessed to be around certain people in our lives.  For me, one of those people was Dean Smith.  For 21 years I had the privilege of working with him.

He personified excellence day-in and day-out, year-in and year-out.  The remarkable number of wins is well chronicled, but most importantly those wins came while teaching and living the right values.  He won, his players graduated and he played by the rules.  He was first and foremost a teacher, and his players were always the most important part of his agenda.

His impact on the University of North Carolina, the Atlantic Coast Conference, college basketball and the sport itself, is immeasurable.  His leadership off the court in areas such as race relations and education were less chronicled, but just as important.

Sometimes the word legend is used with too little thought.  In this instance, it almost seems inadequate.  He was basketball royalty, and we have lost one of the greats in Dean Smith.”

Also check out this piece from CBSSPortsline… UNC’s Dean Smith might’ve really been a better man than coach.

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  1. Dave Wabeke says:

    I want to extend our deepest sympathy to the Dean Smith Family. He was a great man and leaves a legacy behind him that will be forever remembered. We just lost our father a couple of weeks ago from Lewy Body dementia following hip surgery and we truly understand the pain and suffering.

    May God watch over you!

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