7 Announcers and Media Personalities I’d like to see on ESPN’s possible OK likely – ACC Network.


Am I jumping the gun a bit since there isn’t an official ACC Network announcement yet? Possibly, but I doubt it. I’m already thinking about some of the announcers I’d want to see on the network. Here are the 7 Announcers I hope end up on the ACC Network.

I can tell you now, these will be folks with some ACC Ties. For you Syracuse, Pitt, Louisville, and Notre Dame fans I’m not quite as familiar with some likely very good Big East announcers, so feel free to throw their name in.

Ok Here goes in no particular order.

Danny Kannell ( @dannykanell ) –  College Football Analyst ESPN

The former Florida State QB will probably be thrown off ESPN’s National Football coverage, because he consistently challenges that SEC football may not be heads and shoulders better than the rest of the country. That’s good enough for me… sign him up… oh and he was proved right this year.

Wes Durham ( @WesDurham ) – Voice of the Atlanta Falcons, Fox Sports

Wes Durham for many years was the play by play announcer for the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. He still covers ACC Sports with Fox Sports, and did a great job with Georgia Tech and still does now. He just has a natural feel for calling a game.

Brad Daugherty ( @BDaugherty ) – ABC/ESPN Broadcaster

The former North Carolina basketball player is just so fun to listen to calling a basketball game. Thank goodness ESPN has him back there. He’s enthusiastic and knows his basketball. His southern drawl is pure North Carolina.

Jeff Fischel ( @JeffFischel ) – Voice of the ACC Digital Network

Jeff Fischel has becomes synonymous with being the voice the ACC Digital Network. He has a great social media presence, and hey I’ve gotten used to listening him do the highlights of ACC games. He’d be a great fit, and I’d expect @theACCDN would be prominent part of an ESPN ACC Network anyways.

Bill Raftery ( @Bill_Raftery ) – Fox Sports 1 Basketball Analyst

For years to me he was the voice of basketball in the Northeast. Having him call a Syracuse/Pittsburgh/Boston College/Notre Dame basketball game would feel like old times. He’s an icon in basketball announcing.

Len Elmore ( @LenElmore ) – ESPN College Basketball Announcer

I’ve always liked the way Elmore covers a basketball game. He’s a bit low key, but you really understand the game when he’s talking. He’s a former Maryland player, but we’ll let that slide since he played there when Maryland was still ACC.

Clay Travis…. Gotcha! Just kidding – no body wants him covering anything.

Radio Show

Tim Brando ( @TimBrando ) – Fox Sports 1 Analyst

The SEC Network has Paul Finebaum’s radio show, the ACC would need one too. Tim Brando has a national radio show that could be geared to the ACC. He covered ACC sports for years, and knows the teams and region.

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