FSU President makes some of the the most definitive-positive ACC Network comments yet.


Remember when we said last week when we asked Is and ACC Network announcement nearing? Well we were right, because some of the most definitive-positive ACC Network comments yet were made today.

From FSU Website WarChant.com in an interview with Florida State president John Thrasher.

Thrasher said he is excited about the future of the conference. He was particularly encouraged by a recent visit from the ACC’s television consultant, who is working with ESPN on creating a cable network similar to those operated by the SEC and Big Ten.

“I think that’s a viable thing,” Thrasher said. “They’re working hard on it. Whether we can get it up and running by 2016, I don’t know. But that’s the goal. … We’re excited about that. And I’ll tell you, that would be a big boom to us in terms of revenue to do that. We’re going to work hard on that.”

More than ever, these ACCN comments are a when not if it happens variety. It certainly seems as if everything is a go… That’s good news for those that are wanting an ACC Network.

There was some other recent news that’s a positive sign for the ACC Network.

An under the radar announcement was made recently, that I believe is very good sign for a possible ACC Network. ESPN’s Longhorn Network has been struggling with carriage since it’s launch in 2011. It even had problems getting picked up in parts of it’s own state of Texas. You would think if any dedicated sports channel would have trouble getting carriage it would be one solely dedicated to one team. The Texas Longhorns is a brand name, no question, but it’s football program is now a fairly average one and it basketball teams don’t really move the needle nationally.

You would think the Longhorn Network would have problems being picked up nationally. That doesn’t seem to the case at least not now. Last year the LHN was picked up by Dish, and here is the recent announcement I was talking about.

The LHN is now being picked up nationally by Direct TV. 

ESPN and DIRECTV announced today that Longhorn Network (LHN), the 24/7 channel devoted to The University of Texas, will be available to fans within the state of Texas and nationwide beginning this Wednesday, Jan. 21. Carriage of the network is part of a larger agreement between DIRECTV and The Walt Disney Company.

Be sure to check out that larger agreement between DIRECTTV and The Walt Disney Company… That’s important for an ACC Network. Walt Disney owns ESPN.

DIRECTV customers will be able to access the live linear feeds and video-on-demand content from all ESPN and Disney cable networks and ABC owned and operated TV stations in and out of the home on the authenticated WATCH services – including WatchESPN, WATCH Disney Channel, WATCH Disney XD, WATCH Disney Junior, WATCH ABC Family and WATCH ABC – using Internet-enabled devices in early 2015 and soon via the DIRECTV Everywhere app on iOS and Android phones and tablets, and directv.com. Other new services to be introduced as part of the deal include Fusion, Longhorn Network, 

Shouldn’t it stand to reason, if the LHN network can get picked up by these two major carriers, that the ACC Network with ESPN’s backing should as well? I don’t think there is any doubt about that.

Don’t be surprised if more ACC Network starts leaking in the next few weeks and months.

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