Articles from around the ACC Blogosphere January 12, 2015


Need a little pre-National Championship game reading, or something for the Halftime?

By the way I’d like to Oregon win. I think it’s good for college football to see some non-historical powers football win a title. I think you have to go back 1991 when Washington split a title with Miami to find one. The Ducks are a program that’s been built in the last 20-25 years and typically don’t have top 10 recruiting classes.

Ok on to the bloggers… Check out what the ACC bloggers are talking about.

Let’s start with NC State blog BackingthePack who celebrated  an 87-75 win over then #2 Duke.  NC State is squarely in the NCAA mix now. They just have to keep the momentum going.

We recently had @danofero14 of the FSU blog ChopChat on the Weekly ACC podcast with @Hokiesmash and myself.  What are they up to? They wonder how the national media could push Braxton Miller to Florida State.   That would be awfully big if Miller ends up at Florida State.

Don’t think the ACC’s football performance is improving against the rest of the Power 5 conferences? ACC blog ACCPerscription breaks it down in graphical form that – yes the ACC’s results are trending up over the last few years. I don’t think it’s any clearer than they have made it.

North Carolina basketball has been somewhat in the shadows of Virginia, Louisville, Duke, and even Notre Dame to start the ACC basketball. With a 72-71 win over Louisville Saturday, the Heels made it clear they are still a force to be reckoned with. TarHeelBlog reviews the big win.  

What was Louisville’s take on their first loss in the ACC? Louisville blog BigRedLouie tells us.

How about a detailed look at Virginia’s strong win at Notre Dame from UVA blog University Ball?   Great analysis here of the game…

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