College Football across the country will benefit from the now shattered myth of SEC football.


In a spectacular collapse during a 48 hour period Dec 31-Jan 1, the myth of the SEC football was shattered. The myth that the rest of the country can’t compete with the SEC football is history. I’m not saying that the SEC is suddenly a bad football conference or that you’ll never hear from the SEC football again. Neither are true. The SEC plays good football. It will win future national titles. The coaching and recruiting is too good to to think SEC won’t play a major factor in future college football playoffs, but the results below do matter.

#4 Ohio State 42 #1 Alabama 35 

#6 TCU 42 #9 Ole Miss 3

#12 Georgia Tech 49 #7 Mississippi St. 34

#18 Wisconsin 34 #19 Auburn 31

Notre Dame 31 #23 LSU 28

Two tweets I saw the last couple of days sum up what was wrong with college football, and what should improve about in the future…


If the college football playoff committee and many ESPN talking heads were watching, which I believe were then no longer does the rest of country have to fight the perception of the SEC. You simply won’t be able to rank SEC teams 1,2,3 and 4 and not be met with a wealth of criticism or in some circles laughter. This isn’t something new though.

Top SEC teams were losing out of conference before the last couple of days.

The SEC is 0-5 in their last 5 Big 6/BCS games. Since 2012 the SEC is 1-6. That is the worst Big 6/BCS record in America. Do we remember these results?

from 2013

#1 Florida State 34 #2 Auburn 31

#11 Oklahoma  45 #3 Alabama 31

from 2012

#2 Notre Dame 14 #1 Alabama 42

#21 Louisville 33 #3 Florida 23

Every power 5 conference has teams that can compete with the best SEC has to offer. The results are right there.

The better teams in the country will now be treated more equitably in the rankings with their SEC counterparts. They have to be. No argument exists, that the best teams from the other power 5 conference can’t play with the best teams from the SEC.

That’s better for the best teams in the Pac 12, the Big 12, the ACC, and the Big 10.

That’s better for fans of teams in those conferences.

That’s better for college football.

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