There are a ton of bowl games, and that’s fine by me.


Plenty of folks think there are too many bowl games. Why are 6-6 teams making it to the post-season? The games are sparsely attended, and most of the teams don’t deserve to be there. For me it is really simple – More Bowls = More College Football. Who doesn’t want that?

While the bowls will never approach the Cinderella Mystique of the NCAA basketball tournament, there is still something appealing to me about it. When schools like Louisiana-Lafayette, Air Force, and South Alabama can be the center of the college football world for 3 1/2 hours, that’s good for the sport, good for those institutions, and great reward for their players. College Football does not need to be so exclusive that only couple dozen Power 5 schools get to enjoy the post-season.

How does South Alabama head coach feel about the bowl system – from an article posted at Chron.Com

“Anybody who says there are too many bowl games, there won’t be anybody in Mobile, Ala., who feels like that on Saturday night,” Jones said. “This is a very exciting deal, a reward for our players, our coaches, our fans, our entire program.

“Listen, the chances of us winning the national championship are very, very slim. We know that. But to have a reward like this is something I’ll always remember.”

Apparently, I’m not the only one who’s fine with the bowl systems. From that same article…

“There are too many bowls?” said Wright Waters, executive director of the Football Bowl Association. “For who? Who is complaining. It’s not the people who are going. It appears there’s not enough games for those staying at home. The ratings are strong and people are watching….”

I’m watching too…  No matter what happens in the future with the College Football Post-Season, I hope there is always a place for the bowls.



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