The three tiers of ACC Basketball in 2014


Just a short post for tonight as we turn the page from football to basketball at least until bowl season.

I’ll be starting up an ACC Bubble Analysis in the next few days, but before I get into that I want to do a quick breakdown of the ACC.

There are three distinct tiers in ACC basketball this year ranging from NCAA Caliber to teams already thinking about next season.

NCAA Caliber

Virginia, Duke, Louisville, Miami, UNC, Notre Dame

Post-Season but not sure where (NIT? NCAAs?)

NC State, Pittsburgh, Syracuse

Planning for Next Season

Georgia Tech, Wake Forest, Clemson, FSU, Virginia Tech, Boston College

My prediction is the ACC gets 8 teams to the NCAAs. Virginia, Duke, and Louisville are capable of reaching the Final 4. UNC is interesting. I think there is talent there, but they haven’t played consistently this year. Let’s see what they can do against Kentucky this week. Miami and Notre Dame have been pleasant surprises.

NC State, Pitt and Syracuse are wild cards, but I think 2 of the 3 make the NCAAs when all is said and done.

I don’t see anyone from the bottom tier being a threat for the NCAAs, but those teams could score an upset along the way. Clemson beat top 20 Arkansas earlier this year.

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