Articles from around the ACC Blogosphere December 8, 2014


Well that was a great ACC Championship game wasn’t it? Florida State beat Georgia Tech in a thrilling game. You know we are checking in with those ACC bloggers. Let’s see what elser is out there too.

Tomahawknation says facing Oregon in the national semi-finals is better for Florida State, but it is not better for fans.

Georgia Tech blog FromtheRumbleSeat says losing the ACCCG was OK.  It is a great perspective on the Yellow Jackets surprising season.

ACCPerscription details positive TV ratings and good attendance figures of the ACCCG.   I went to the game, and the atmosphere was big time. Charlotte, NC is becoming a destination for the ACC in the same way Atlanta, GA is for the SEC. It helps to have two good teams in the game too like this year.

What’s it like the to have one of the best basketball teams in the country? I wasn’t quite sure about this year’s Duke team. I knew they were good, but when they went to Wisconsin and completely controlled that game I knew this was a team with the potential to win it all. DukeReport.com has several takeaways from that game. 

One the other end of the spectrum a talented UNC basketball team is off to a slower start than expected. TarHeelBlog says the problems are fixable.

If you thought Virginia basketball was going to take a step back forget it. The Hoos went on the road and beat a good VCU team by 17. StreakingtheLawn tells us how it was done. Tony Bennett has another team capable of winning the ACC.

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