3 quick takes on the ACC after week 15.




Just returned from the ACCCG in Charlotte. What a game.

1) Florida State makes the playoffs and they absolutely deserve it

Any discussion of FSU not making the playoffs is just ridiculous. Tonight they just found a way to win… again. Georgia Tech’s triple option was working most of the night, but Jameis Winston played a nearly flawless game. All year, if they needed to win with defense… They did. If they needed to win with offense… They did. Whatever it took they got it done. Hats off to the Seminoles for another great season with possibly another national title.

2) Justin Thomas is the best option QB since Tommie Frazier

It’s been nearly 20 years since college football has seen an option quarterback as good as Justin Thomas. You have to go back to mid 90s and Tommie Frazier of Nebraska to find a better one than Justin Thomas. He had Florida State defensively helpless especially in the 1st half of the ACCCG. The Georgia Tech offense is in good hands the next 2 years. The Yellow Jackets just didn’t have enough answers on defense for FSU’s Dalvin Cook and Jameis Winston.

3) The ACC won tonight

That was a great  game between FSU and Georgia Tech. It was a great crowd, and the ACC showed out well on a national stage. The ACC gets a team in the 4 team playoff, and a worthy Georgia Tech team heads to the Orange.

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