Georgia Tech vs Florida State : Five thoughts on the most anticipated ACC Championship Game ever.


It’s easily the most anticipated ACC Championship game ever. Many are saying it’s the best conference championship of the weekend. It’s the kind of matchup John Swofford has always dreamed of. An ACC championship with national title implications. Two excellent football teams both ranked in the top 12. Here are some thoughts I have on the game.

Georgia Tech will move the ball on FSU 

I have no doubt that the Yellow Jackets will have success moving ball on the Noles. This is the best Georgia Tech offensive line of the Paul Johnson era. They are a physical unit, and Georgia Tech has a deep group of running backs. The loss of WR DeAndre Smelter is big, but remember the Jackets were moving the ball at will against Georgia in the 2nd half without him. Justin Thomas is the perfect fit at QB, and has track star speed.

Don’t expect Jameis Winston to be distracted

This week Jameis Winston spent much of the week in hearings defending himself against sexual assault allegations. If Georgia Tech is expecting Winston to be distracted or not ready to play, forget it. Winston has an uncanny ability to leave his off the field issues… off the field. Don’t count on him playing as poorly as he did against Florida.

Georgia Tech Will Win If :

This is simple for Georgia Tech… Dominate TOP and run a lot. When Georgia Tech has been at their best this season, they have dictated the tempo of the game. They must do that again. If they don’t rush for over 300 yards, then the game probably didn’t go well for the Jackets.

Florida State Will Win If :

The Noles are more talented than the Yellow Jackets.  FSU’s slow starts are well documented. They may be able to start slow and win, but what the Noles can’t do is turn the ball over. They won’t be able to make the same mistakes they made against a mediocre Florida team. I think the FSU will be able to run the ball on Georgia Tech. If they run for over 150 yards, I don’t see the Jackets winning.

Who makes the playoffs from the ACC? 

FSU is in with a win, and out with a loss. That’s pretty straight forward.

GT is closer than I think some people give them credit for. If the Arizona/Oregon is in, and TCU playing Iowa St. is in, then two spots remain. Beating FSU eliminates one spot. If Missouri beats Alabama then two spots are available. Ohio State probably gets an available spot if they beat Wisconsin. Baylor beating Kansas St. could be a wildcard, that I don’t know the committee will handle. My feeling is you won’t see two teams from one conference in year one of the playoffs.

Here is the scenario the Jackets need. Win – Obviously… Root hard for Wisconsin, Root hard for Kansas St. That final spot could be filled by an 11-2 ACC Champion Georgia Tech with wins over Clemson, UGA, and FSU to finish the season. Hey it’s not out of the question.

Even if Georgia Tech wins and doesn’t make the playoffs, the ACC will get two teams into the access bowls. Georgia Tech in the Orange and I expect FSU will be in the Chick Fil A bowl.

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