ACC’s 4-0 rivalry sweep of the SEC resonates with the National Media.


So the ACC swept the SEC 4 -0 in rivalry games this past weekend.

Clemson 35 South Carolina 17

Florida State 24 Florida 19

Georgia Tech 30 Georgia 24

Louisville 44 Kentucky 40

In all fairness other than Georgia none of the SEC representatives were among the top 4 teams in the SEC, and these were the 4 best ACC teams this year. That said, in years past and there are countless examples of favored ACC teams losing to an underdog SEC rival. It was still a very good result for the ACC. So good in fact the national media really took notice. Check out some of the pieces from around the country…

ACC delivers message to SEC – Well written article from Andrea Adelson at ESPN

ACC Cleans up against the SEC, What does it mean?  – A discussion from the editors at @theStudentSection,  one of the better college sports blogs out there.

It’s clear the SEC is longer exceptional. – Ouch… ESPN’s Ivan Maisel pulls no punches. An over-reaction? Possibly, but this is a direct results of the “sweep”.

Sneaky Good Regular Season for the ACC – David Teel of the Daily Press breaks down the ACC’s performance against the rest of the Power 5 this year buoyed by the results of the weekend.

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