@SickofPaying Talks The Governor’s Cup – Louisville vs. Kentucky

Louisville v Purdue

Greetings!!! It’s Thanksgiving and we have just what you need for ACC Football Week #14 (Rivalry Week).  Our sports handicappers from Ohio – who also run their service in Las Vegas – have joined us at All Sports Discussion.  We’re pleased to have Patrick and Lucky from Sick of Paying.  Sick of Paying is are a Las Vegas Handicappers group.  Please note that their picks are for recreational purposes only.  You can follow them on Twitter at @SickOfPaying.  They are going to drop some picks this week – please note that the Governor’s Cup Pick is for recreational purposes – that’s it.

@HokieSmash:  Give us your take on the Governor’s Cup – Lousiville vs. Kentucky!!

@SickOfPaying: This one hasn’t really been on our radar, as we’ve been tentative on Louisville since the loss of QB Will Gardner. Reggie Bonnafon has been adequate as a replacement, but he’s simply not the player Gardner is.

One thing that sticks out like a sore thumb is the disparity in the way these two defenses are playing right now. Kentucky is 100th in the Nation against the run and a dismal 90th in points allowed. 50 points against a middling Tennessee offense is simply embarrassing.  On the reverse end, Louisville has the #3 rushing D and #7 overall. Even more impressive, the Cardinals are leading the country in interceptions, led by ball-hawking safety Gerod Holliman (13 INTs!).

Kentucky is desperate for this win to get into bowl contention, but they are limping to the finish line. Kentucky’s O has struggled as mightily as their D in recent weeks, and the loss of Frosh WR Dorian Baker won’t help. Meanwhile, Louisville has been impressive their last four, including wins the road against Boston College and Notre Dame (along with a decent showing against FSU).

That 12.5 points the Cardinals are giving out have us a little spooked, as it seems like somewhat of a large number to give out without their starting QB. We’re not confident in this pick…but gun to our heads: We’ll take Louisville minus the 12.5.

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