10 quick takes on the ACC after week 13.

Louisville v Purdue

Florida State lives to fight another day, and Louisville picks up a nice non-conference win for the ACC this week. There’s plenty more in the 10 quick takes on the ACC after week 13.

1) Louisville this is what you were invited to the ACC to do.

When Louisville was invited to the ACC, make no mistake it was because of their quality athletics program. Today yet again they proved how wise the ACC was to invite the Cardinals to join the conference. Louisville went to Notre Dame and won 31-28. I understand Notre Dame is not a great team, but still going on the road and winning there is a notable win. It keeps Louisville ranked, and likely moves them up. It enhances Florida State’s resume. It helps the ACC’s football profile and it keeps the Cardinals in the Orange Bowl discussion. Hey Louisville, I think you guys in the ACC is working out pretty well.

2) Wake Forest! Wake Forest! Wake Forest!

It has been a long year at Wake Forest. There were winless in the ACC, and it looked like they could have an 0-8 ACC season. Wake Forest put an end to that discussion with a 6-3 2 OT win over Virginia Tech. It wasn’t pretty, but I’m sure to Wake Forest fans it was beautiful. Looks the Deacs don’t have a lot of talent, but head coach Dave Clawson hasn’t let his team quit on the season. There has been improvement. This is a better team than started the season. That’s all you can ask for. You can smile Wake Forest faithful. It was a big win for you. Next week is a game at Duke, and the Blue Devils may want to play better than they have recently or they will be in a tougher than expected game.

3) The wheels on the bus have come off at Virginia Tech.

Nothing else needs to be added after the 6-3 loss to Wake Forest. It’s a complete dumpster fire in Blacksburg now. What if they lose to Virginia Friday and miss a bowl game? How quickly things change. Last week we thought the Hokies were set a for a strong finish. Then the bottom fell out Saturday.

4) Clemson fans pray for the return of Deshaun Watson

The Tigers had a lackluster 28-0 win over a bad Georgia St. team. Cole Stoudt was adequate at QB. The defense was again good, but this team won’t beat South Carolina next week without Deshaun Watson playing quarterback. So Clemson fans pray…. and they are praying hard.

5) Florida State just keeps winning and winning and winning

Struggle, look terrible, adjust, make plays, and win. It’s the same thing every week for Florida State. It happened again when they were pushed today by Boston College in a 20-17 win.

What separates Florida State from their opponents is they know how to win. They don’t panic. That’s what great teams do. They also have Jameis Winston at QB, and if you need a drive to win or tie a game, he’s simply going to get it done. Florida is next week, as the Noles try to stay undefeated.

6)  Miami you teased us again

Last week Miami went 60 minutes with Florida State, this week they go to Virginia to face the 4-6 Cavaliers. They were promptly run out of Charlottesville. The Hoos were more physical, and the Hurricanes looked like they had nothing emotionally Saturday night. The Miami program can’t build any momentum. They are just a middle of the pack ACC program. What do you do if you are Al Golden?

7) Virginia is on the verge of saving Mike London’s job 

Well that was an inspired game from Virginia Saturday. After losing 4 games in a row, Virginia was sharp tonight in a 30-13 win over Miami. If Virginia beats Virginia Tech this week, I have to believe Mike London is going to be back next year. The game is at Virginia Tech. The Hoos could go to a bowl, keep Virginia Tech from one, and make Frank Beamer’s offseason very uncomfortable. There’s plenty at stake in that one.

8) Duke falls apart with the Coastal Division on the line.

I thought the Coastal Division race was over 2 weeks ago. It was Duke’s to lose. All they had to do was split with reeling Virginia Tech and defensively challenged UNC. They lost both… at home. It was a weird collapse. I believe Duke got overwhelmed by the situation. Last year they didn’t know any better, this year they uncharacteristically made mistake after mistake in 2 straight ugly losses. The Blue Devils aren’t the same program they were 4 years ago, and they aren’t going to regress to those levels anytime soon, but it was a disappointing two weeks. They can finish with a 9 win regular season with a win next week against Wake Forest.

9) UNC takes the Victory Bell

How do you stick it to your rival? How about costing them the Coastal Division title. That’s exactly what UNC did to their arch rival Duke on Thursday night in a 45-20 win. UNC looked every bit like the team we expected all year. The defense which had struggled all year played a pretty good game against the Blue Devils. It was definitely their best tackling game of the year. The win over Duke gave UNC the Victory Bell for this year. If the Tar Heels can beat NC State next week, they will be kings of Tobacco Road.

10) ACC gets their prove it chance against SEC next week.

The ACC has their 4 season ending games rivalry games with the SEC next week. FSU/UF, Clemson/South Carolina, Louisville/Kentucky, Georgia Tech/Georgia.

Here is my 1-2 sentence thought on each.

FSU/UF – The Noles aren’t losing at home to a team this bad.

Clemson/South Carolina – If Deshaun Watson plays Clemson wins. If he doesn’t the losing streak hits 6.

Louisville/Kentucky – Cardinals are healthy and playing their best football of the year. Kentucky is a pretty mediocre team.

Georgia Tech/Georgia – I love this Georgia Tech team, but the Dawgs are a bad matchup for them. GT has to hope the triple option runs wild.

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