Podcast – @HokieSmash and @TalkinACCSports discuss College Football with the @TheStudentSect’s @TheCoachBart


This week’s podcast @Hokiesmash and I (@TalkinACCSports) was a lot fun. We had a repeat guest, and it was one of our favorites, @TheCoachBart (Bart Doan) of the fine College Sports Blog TheStudentSection. If you haven’t read the TheStudentSection , we really recommend you do. Some really good writers with some great takes on College Sports over there. 

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In this order, these are topics we covered on the podcast. It’s episode 68 on the dropdown list.

 @TheCoachBart tells us about himself and the TheStudentSection college sports blog.

Thoughts on the Virginia Tech program and Frank Beamer.

Who wins the ACC Coastal?

Leading Heisman Candidates

Top Four Playoff Teams ( Hint – it makes more sense than Tuesday’s playoff rankings )

Discussion of the  @TheCoachBart piece Boycott College Gameday. 

A quick look at ACC basketball 

Tailgating food favorites

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