Articles from around the ACC Blogosphere November 10, 2014.


This is one of favorite times of the year. Football is getting for the post-season, and basketball is just starting up. There’s still a ton at stake for the ACC in football this year.

ACC Bloggers activate!

Clemson blog RubbingtheRock sounds awfully optimistic about their chances against Georgia Tech this week.  Having graduated from both schools, there aren’t two programs I follow more in the ACC.

Georgia Tech people – Deshaun Watson returning at QB is huge for Clemson. This guy is immensely talented and will be a Heisman candidate. He won’t be intimidated playing on the road. The offense under Watson won’t resemble anything you’ve seen from Clemson with Cole Stoudt at the helm.

Clemson people – Forget what you think know about the Yellow Jackets offense. This is the best Jacket offensive line they’ve ever had with an extremely talent and savvy QB of their own in Justin Thomas.

Throw out the Clemson D vs Georgia Tech O battles. It’s a wash. Both will have success. If Clemson can run the ball effectively they will win, if not I like Georgia Tech’s chances.

Georgia Tech blog Yellow Jacked up says the Jackets are starting to get national respect, and there is a big chance for more.

FSU Tomahawknation takes a humorous shot at arch rival Miami who they face this week. What the world looked like the last time Miami won a home game against the Noles. That was way back in 2004. 

StateofheU, the Miami blog, says bring on the trash talk Florida State! The Seminoles better be ready for this. I would suggest they not fall behind by double digits in this one.

WR DeVante Parker keeps moving up the record books, Louisville blog CardsSportsZone tell us. He’s a NFL talent that had he played all year would have probably have been an All-American.

At Virginia, I think they’ve moved on to basketball season. Cavalier blog StreakingtheLawn has three things we learned from Tony Bennett’s recent press conference.

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