Ranking the Power 5 Football Conferences after week 11 with Playoff Analysis.


Prior to this week, any teams with 2 losses or less and ranked was still a darkhorse for the playoffs. This week we are start making some cuts…

Now to the rankings…

We’ll give each conference a relative strength value 1-10.

1) SEC – 9

The SEC barely kept their dream of multiple playoff teams when LSU had a meltdown in the final minute and OT against Alabama. Auburn was not so lucky and suffered a crippling loss to unranked Texas A&M. That effectively ended the Tigers playoff chances without a ton of help down the stretch. They still have Alabama and Georgia to play, but they don’t have a chance to get into the playoffs without winning the SEC outright.

An absolute monster of a game is next week when Mississippi St. visits Alabama. The Tide are history with a loss, but the Bulldogs are not dead if they lose. If Georgia can win out against Auburn, fast rising Georgia Tech, and get to the SEC Title and win they may warrant consideration.

Playoff Contenders 

Mississippi St., Alabama


Ole Miss, Auburn, Georgia

2T) Big 12 – 8

TCU whooped a good Kansas St. team 41-20. Baylor beat Oklahoma 48-14. Both are 8-1. Baylor beat TCU. TCU is ranked ahead Baylor. Um good luck with that playoff committee. Only one is getting in. The Big 12’s lack of quality non-conference wins will be its undoing on that. If they both win out you have to go with head to head result and conference champion right? That would be Baylor.  Baylor didn’t play anyone in the non conference. At least TCU scheduled Minnesota. Messy Messy….

TCU should cruise against Kansas next week.

Playoff Contenders  

TCU, Baylor



2T) Pac 12 – 8

Arizona St. had impressive 55-31 over Notre Dame this past weekend, and Oregon also pretty impressive winning at Utah 51-27. The two are on a collision course for the Pac 12 title. The winner is headed to the playoffs without some  wild upsets for before then.

Arizona St. has to play at Oregon St. next week, but I don’t see them having much issue there.

Playoff Contenders

Oregon, Arizona St.



4) ACC – 6

Florida State just keeps surviving and advancing. They were tested a bit by Virginia in a 34-20, but it was never really in doubt. Duke has faint playoff hopes, but at 8-1, they do have hope. Georgia Tech and Clemson are ranked, but are too far back at the moment.

Florida State will face arch rival Miami next week, and Duke gets struggling Virginia Tech.

Playoff Contenders

Florida State



5) Big 10 – 5

The Big 10’s playoff hopes were pretty much snuffed out by Ohio State’s win at Michigan St. Why did I say that? When you only play 12-13 games, the committee must look at the body work. It’s not like basketball where you play around 40 games, and you can reward the hottest team. The Buckeyes loss to Virginia Tech is just to much to over come without a rash of upsets across the country, but they are alive.

Nebraska has a tough game at Wisconsin next week if they want to stay on the fringes of the playoff hunt.

Playoff Contenders



Nebraska, Ohio State

The Rest 

Notre Dame is done as a playoff contender after getting crushed at Arizona St. An independent team has no chance to make this year’s playoffs.

Playoff Contenders 




Current Playoff Teams

In – 1) FSU 2) Mississippi St. 3) Oregon 4) Baylor

Just Missed – 5) Alabama 6) TCU 7) Arizona St.  8) Ohio State

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