Harrison Barnes Must Step Up For Golden State


This article was submitted by Jonathan Mason. Thanks Jonathan!

The Golden State Warriors were not very active during the summer as far as team changes are concerned. They have most of their same core back from a season ago, and the only major change was at the top of the coaching staff. Steve Kerr has opened things up and made this team play at a faster pace so far this year. While many guys have excelled, people are still really waiting to see if Harrison Barnes is going to take that next step in year 3 in the NBA.

 As a rookie, Barnes was a pretty successful player for the Golden State Warriors. He was able to carve out a pretty significant spot in the rotation, and it looked like he was going to live up to the promise he had in high school. However, the addition of Andre Iguodala actually had a negative impact on him in year 2, as he took a step backwards in fantasy basketball production.

 The talent has always been there for Barnes, but fitting into the system in living up to expectations has been a little bit difficult. He is someone who can play either forward position, and he is also someone who can handle the ball at times if needed. He is someone who seems to be almost a little bit too laid back on the court, and that lack of assertiveness can frustrate fans as well as coaches.

 Kerr has really focused on trying to make Barnes be a little bit smarter with the ball in general. He is somebody who has forced up some ugly shots at times in his career, and that has led to poor shooting percentages. He needs to use his size and athleticism to get to the basket more and pick up fouls. He is a pretty strong shooter, and people and fantasy basketball should be hoping that he gets easy points in that way.

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