With 3 minutes of ACC coverage in 2 weeks, here are ESPN Gameday alternatives for ACC Fans.


Have you tuned into ESPN Gameday in recent weeks for even a nugget of ACC coverage? Well there wasn’t a nugget, but a grain of sand.

AwfulAnnouncing timed how much coverage each conference got during ESPN Gameday the last two weeks.  The ACC received a whopping 2 Minutes and 53 seconds. Now I was complimentary of the primetime games the ACC received to earlier in the season, but this Gameday ACC coverage is downright laughable. I don’t actually watch much Gameday. It was apparent to me years ago Gameday was going to spend the bulk of their time covering the SEC, and AwfulAnnouncing confirmed that.

I certainly don’t expect the ACC to receive equal Gameday coverage  as the SEC. The SEC has more games relevant to the playoff chase and more games between ranked opponents, but is it out of the question to ask that ESPN spend at least 10 minutes per Power 5 conference? It is not just Gameday coverage that is lacking. Well respected ACC writer David Teel says the ACC can’t even barely get air time on ESPN’s College Football Final. 

If you’re an ACC fan and you are looking for some alternatives here we go…

The ACC Digital Network – We’ve talked many times about the ACC Digital Network in the past, but there always some ACC Videos here to get you prepped for the weekend and help you review the weekend.

The ACC Blitz – The Tommy Bowden and Tom Werme weekly studio that airs before the ACC Network Game of the week.

ACC Gridiron Live – This is a Fox Sports Show that features former NFLers Alge Crumpler, Coy Wire and Jim Grobe as they cover that week in the ACC.

If you have some other go to ACC shows you recommend, let us know we’ll add them to the list!

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  1. Summer says:

    Be sure to check out gameday this week at 10:20. They are doing a feature of ACC and Clemson player Daniel Rodriguez for veterans day. Hopefully the ACC will get some love.

    Here is the link if anyone is interested.

    1. Jfann says:

      Thanks for sharing Summer! I hope some folks had a chance to catch this. Maybe ESPN heard us. 🙂

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