ACC Power Rankings For Week 11


With ACC Operation Basketball in the rear view mirror, some fans are probably pretending football is over and looking forward to hoops season. For the rest of you, thanks for sticking it out and coming back. Hopefully, you will be rewarded with a cushy bowl game or a nice grade on your next written assignment.

1 – Florida State: The Seminoles overcome a 21-0 deficit in arguably their most treacherous game on the schedule. This is probably further proof that there should be five SEC teams in the College Football Playoff because Louisville was overrated, right?

2 – Duke: Duke is immune to COASTAL CHAOS. You can batter Duke with James Conner, but Duke shall not bend. Duke is uninterested in your quests for seven-way ties. Duke does not feel pity, remorse, or fear.

3 – Clemson: Deshaun Watson will dress but not start against Wake Forest Thursday night. I have an awkward hunch this will be like the time he didn’t start against Florida State.

4 – Louisville: Losing one game to Florida State wouldn’t bother me as a Cardinals fan. However, they can’t let it turn into a tailspin with a good Boston College team on the horizon.

5 – Miami: I have zero interest in who wins ACC Player of the Year (blasphemous, I know), but Duke Johnson is absolutely my favorite player to watch in the conference. He’s also now the second-leading rusher in Miami Hurricanes history.

6 – Georgia Tech: The beatdown on Virginia was so intense the mascot got fired up and tried to take out the goalpost. It was not very effective …

7 – Boston College: BC might be on to something for their next game. If they run for 275 yards (their per-game average rushing total), it’s going to be hard for Gerod Holliman to increase on his double-digit interception tally.

8 – Virginia: Remember when I thought Virginia was the second-best team in the Coastal, even after they lost to Duke but before they lost to North Carolina and got decimated by Georgia Tech? This is how I feel now.

9 – Pittsburgh: Hey, have you heard the name of Pittsburgh’s kicker? I bet you haven’t! It was not all over Twitter Saturday.

10 – NC State: Sure, it was against Syracuse, but Dave Doeren has that first ACC win. It will be interesting to see if they can put together a couple more with the monkey off the back.

11 – North Carolina: Even Deborah Crowder would have to give a D- to the Tar Heels’ showing in Miami Saturday. Garbage-time touchdowns made the 47-20 scoreline look much more respectable than the game itself.

12 – Virginia Tech: I was informed that #10 was too ambitious of a ranking for the Hokies by some of their own faithful on Twitter last week. That’s really all the proof I needed that they were far worse than I thought.

13 – Syracuse: A.J. Long was sacked eight times behind a patchwork offensive line. NC State tried to keep the Orange in it by settling for field goals early, but victory was never going to be in the cards with their quarterback under so much pressure.

14 – Wake Forest: No snark for a second – The Demon Deacons getting an extra week to prepare for Clemson could be just what the doctor ordered, especially if Deshaun Watson doesn’t go or isn’t really ready to go.

Until next week, peace, love, and #goacc.

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