Wondering where some recent ACC football players ended up?


Have you wondered where some recent ACC Football players ended up? Guys like QB Tajh Boyd from Clemson and DL Daryl Cato-Bishop of NC State?

Check out the rosters of the 4 FXFL teams. What is the FXFL you ask?

The FXFL is a professional football league, which serves as a developmental platform for players, coaches and referees. Our business model places an emphasis on local marketing, cost containment and the utilization of smaller venues to better engage the fan base.

In 2014, the FXFL’s initial membership will be comprised of four teams playing a six week regular season schedule. Regular season games will be televised and played on weeknights to avoid scheduling conflicts with the NFL and collegiate football.

Here are the rosters of the 4 FXFL teams. It’s worth a look.





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  1. Summer says:

    It’s so exciting to get to see Tajh Boyd play again. I checked out some of the game on ESPN3 and he looks really sharp, I hope he can make his NFL dream come true.

    The league is on espn3 Wednesday and Friday nights, so definitely worth a look.

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