ACC Power Rankings for Week 9


Before we go into the rankings, let me take one second for a shameless plug. I will be engaging in a video game marathon with Extra Life this weekend to raise money for the Duke Children’s Hospital. If you can donate, I’d greatly appreciate it. If you can’t, tweet me encouraging words or game suggestions this week and weekend, and share the link with someone who can.

On that note, let’s do this.

1 – Florida State: “Survive and advance” usually applies to the NCAA tournament in basketball, but it seems to be an appropriate phrase for the Seminoles this year. Surviving off and on the field, still undefeated. Humble pie, etc.

2 – Duke: Real talk – If the Hokies or Hurricanes were 6-1 (2-1) with the Coastal lead and their toughest division games behind them as the defending Coastal champions, this “COASTAL CHAOS OMG” talk would not exist. Welcome to the new age, which looks remarkably like the age that started last year and was promptly ignored.

3 – Clemson: The toughest hurdle of Clemson’s non-Watson slate is behind them thanks to a solid showing from their defense.  That strong breeze from the south was a collective sigh of relief from Tiger fans.

4 – Louisville: Enjoy the week off, Cardinals. Maybe they’ll plan a nice Halloween party for their next game a week from Thursday. Buy some original costumes, like “Publix cashier,” “Empty Sun Life Stadium seat,” and “Richmond detective.”

5 – Virginia: The Cavaliers suffered their first ACC loss of the season, but it was a hard-fought affair with Duke. Unfortunately, they have a date with FSU in their future, so they’ll probably need a little help to reclaim the Coastal lead.

6 – Pittsburgh: To me, the Coastal is Duke, Virginia, then everybody else and I don’t really care about the order. But I’ve gotta write power rankings and embrace the COASTAL CHAOS so, hey, how does 6th for Pittsburgh sound? Probably great until their next game.

7 – Miami: FUN FACT – I had to Google “Sun Life Stadium” for my snarky #4 comments to make sure that was still the actual name of the venue. Back in my day, it was Pro Player Stadium! And the Hurricanes didn’t play there, but the Marlins did, getting ridiculous third-strike calls in playoff games! Not that I’m bitter.

8 – Boston College: You’ve got to play whoever’s on the field, and Deshaun Watson or no Deshaun Watson, the Eagles almost pulled off another upset. An apology to Boston College fans for not expecting them to give Clemson a fight.

9 – Virginia Tech: FUN FACT II – The Hokies averaged 1.2 yards per carry against Pittsburgh. FUN FACT III – Their 3.9 yards per carry are 12th in the ACC and 93rd in the nation.  FUN FACT IV – They still have to face Boston College’s and Virginia’s defense.

10 – North Carolina: The defense is still akin to an unpleasant drug experience (235 yards passing … to Georgia Tech?!?!) but the offense is finally clicking for the Tar Heels. It’s almost like using just one quarterback has helped them.

11 – Georgia Tech: In back-to-back weeks, Paul Johnson lost undefeated streaks to Duke and North Carolina. Perhaps he should worry about his own problems. Like that defense.

12 – Syracuse: Syracuse, picking up that first ACC win of the season! Against Wake Forest, though, so no one is impressed. Perhaps the Orange will be inspired by BC’s brawl for their trip to Clemson this week.

13 – NC State: It was a valiant effort in the bluegrass state, but Dave Doeren’s first ACC win remains unchecked on the list…

14 – Wake Forest: …But have no fear, because NC State and Wake Forest will meet on November 15. The Atlantic will be angry that day, my friends.

Until next week, peace, love, and #goacc.

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