Should Florida State fans boycott ESPN Gameday, it would be an unprecedented move.


If you’ve turned on ESPN at anytime during the college football season, two things have dominated the coverage, Jameis Winston and the SEC football.

As the reigning Heisman Trophy winner Winston is under a magnifying glass. His off the field issues are newsworthy, but Florida State fans feelsthe coverage of Winston is  negative and biased.

The SEC is considered the best football in the country, and Nole fans feel ESPN is shameless in their promotion of the SEC. As the defending National Champions, and a contender for the 4 team playoffs, this is affront to Florida State and their fans.

Now I’m not going to get into Winston’s issues or ESPN’s coverage of SEC Football. What I really want to discuss is the possibility of FSU fans boycotting Gameday Saturday in Tallahassee. 

Just spend an hour on twitter and you’ll know #FSUTwitter will ffiercelydefend Winston or any slights to their football program. Should Florida State fans really pull off this boycott, what effect would it have on ESPN? I think it would be embarrassment to the network to be honest. Florida State is again one of the 5 biggest brands in college football. They’ve already been on Gameday 2 times this year and the game with Notre Dame will make it 3 times.

A boycott would catch ESPN’s attention for sure. Could you imagine a Gameday with no fans there, or with the fans back turned? It would be unprecedented. It would be a strong message to ESPN that some people believe there is bias in their coverage. I asked earlier what effect it would have on ESPN, and honestly I don’t know.

Something like this has never been done before.

The fallout if it happened sure would be interesting.

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