Halfway through the ACC football season, how are we feeling about the addition of Louisville?

Louisville v Purdue

So we’ve reach the halfway point of the college football season. I think most ACC fans felt Louisville was a very good addition prior to the football season, do I think the positive feelings have remained? Yep definitely…

Sometimes expansion moves take years to take hold. West Virginia still doesn’t feel right in the Big 12, and Nebraska seems out of place even today in the Big 10. It did take awhile before I felt Boston College was more ACC than Big East, but Louisville is a natural fit for the ACC.

The Cardinals have come in right away and been one of the ACC’s better football teams. They are currently 5-2 with their only two losses being single digit defeats at ranked Clemson and at Coastal Division leading Virginia. The defense is one of the country’s best. They bring a physicality to that side of the ball not often seen in the ACC. I believe if WR Devante Parker had been healthy we’d be looking at a 6-1 Louisville team.

I was there at Clemson last Saturday, and Louisville brought a solid contingent of fans. I would estimate there were between 5000-8000 Cardinal fans. In addition there were Clemson students camping out for tickets.  The atmosphere was the kind usually reserved for a matchup with Georgia Tech or Virginia Tech. Georgia Tech is one of Clemson’s biggest rivals, and Virginia Tech is a traditional power with a history with Clemson. No it wasn’t quite FSU or South Carolina, but I consider that a strong debut for Louisville. It took 1 game for Louisville to generate more excitement at Clemson than Maryland did through most of the last decade.

Nothing has happened through the fast half of the season has made anyone think that Louisville wasn’t a great addition to the ACC. If you haven’t seen the pre-season college basketball Louisville is in the top 10 there, so we know the Cardinals are already making their mark there.

Two months into Louisville actually playing ACC sports, and I’d say it’s ACC member ship is off to a good start.

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  1. Barry Fox says:

    As a Louisville Fan, I am so happy to be in the ACC. The regional match ups make sense, a knowledgeable fan base, great venues and top notch universities and leadership.
    Disappointed in our start….. Yes, we’re two muffed punts from being undefeated and hosting the defending National Champion in a major Halloween tilt, but that’s on us.
    I do, however, giggle out loud every time I see West Virginia fans try to get excited about their conference “Rivals” who are over 1,000 miles away.
    Our move was perfect, the fit’s great and I look forward to the match ups in every sport. #L1C4 #ACC

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