This week’s ACC Coaches’ trash talk measured on the Steve Spurrier scale.


This week we saw several ACC coaches with subtle digs and not so subtle digs at teams, stadiums, players and each other.  ACC is a little new to trash talking, because well you have to do some winning to talk a a little smack. There wasn’t much winning going on prior to the last few years. A little trash talk is always entertaining, but how good was it? Well we know who the king of college football trash talking is. It is Steve Spurrier.

Duke Spurrier? Does he have any trash talk from then? He’s was fine tuning his craft then.

When Spurrier was at Florida his trash talking was smartly biting, but could be a mean maybe even a little personal.

When Spurrier was with the Washington Redskins his trash talking was non-sense. There was no identity to it, and frankly you couldn’t tell if he was being serious or smack talking. He basically just annoyed opposing fans.

Spurrier at South Carolina is the good natured harmless trash talking. It still bites, but it is more humorous  than anything.

Let’s rate the trash talk this week on Spurrier scale.

Duke – David Cutcliffe on Georgia Tech’s Triple Option offense

“The other part of it is, it’s a little more difficult to recruit high-end players, because, if you’re a defensive player on that team, you’re really not excited about spring practice, and you’re not seeing what you’re going to see in pro ball, if you think you’re a pro football player,” Cutcliffe said. “If I’m a receiver, why (play at Tech)?” 

Zing! That get’s a 

Paul Johnson’s response

“How may receivers have they put in the NFL? I can tell you. None,” Johnson said after practice Wednesday, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “… He probably ought to worry about his own business.”

This is a little personal folks. It gets a 

Louisville’s Bobby Petrino on the crowd noise at Death Valley

Petrino delivered the comments heard ’round South Carolina about Syracuse’s Carrier Dome and Clemson’s Memorial Stadium, better known as Death Valley, saying “maybe it can’t get any louder” than the Carrier Dome.

We couldn’t tell Louisville fans everything about the ACC. Just so you know Clemson fans are very sensitive about their stadium. Bobby Petrino is public enemy number 1 at Clemson now. This didn’t sound like actual trash or maybe it was little, but there was a message to it I guess. Clemson fans are now really annoyed.

This trash talk gets a 

Dabo’s response

It was loud up there for a little while (Clemson led 21-0 at end of first quarter). It was very loud. We kind of hit some good plays early, but it was definitely a loud place.

Weak Dabo, I expected more. 

Florida State’s Jimbo Fisher on Wake Forest’s defense

“You want the truth?” he asked. “Wake is the best defense we’ve played.

Come on Jimbo. I’ll admit Wake Forest has some nice defensive players, but this is pure hilarity. I believe this was a dig at Clemson, but it was harmless. At least I think Fisher was trash talking a little. He couldn’t be serious? Could he?

That’s a 

What will those crazy ACC coaches come up with next week?

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