ACC Football Power Rankings for Week 7 with a twist.

Did I not say, we’d be getting some contributors to the blog? This is @ztevans first entry. Enjoy his ACC Power Rankings!
Howdy! The fine folks here at All Sports Discussion have asked if I would contribute ACC Power Rankings each week. Perhaps a different name is in order. Lack Of Power Rankings? Puppy Power Rankings? I’ll workshop it. For now, here are the Rankings To Be Named Later following week six.


1 – Florida State: In a week where it felt like every ranked team lost, a strange thing happened … the Seminoles won. So you’d think that would make them the foregone favorite in the nation, right? Wrong! Brace yourselves for Florida State to get leapfrogged in the polls if the team they beat in the national championship loses to Mississippi State this weekend. Ric Flair does not approve, but Ric Flair is also not a member of the Associated Press.


2 – Clemson: Since I guess we’re assuming Florida State will lose at some point to no longer be The Man, the Clemson-Louisville winner this weekend takes a huge step towards playing spoiler in the Atlantic. Or, more likely, the winner of this game will finish second in the Atlantic.


3 – Louisville: Bobby Petrino set the tone for a week that had David Cutcliffe questioning Georgia Tech’s ability to groom pros, Paul Johnson questioning Duke’s ability to beat him, and Dave Doeren questioning his team’s schedule by comparing the Carrier Dome to Death Valley. In the sense that both host orange-clad teams, he’s spot-on.


4 – Georgia Tech: Georgia Tech football is like the Los Angeles Kings. There are sexier teams in their conference, they are completely overshadowed by other teams in their big market, but oh hey the Yellow Jackets are 5-0 and laying the smackdown on David Cutcliffe so maybe we should start paying attention? OH LOOK TODD GURLEY GOT SUSPENDED NEVER MIND.


5 – Virginia: If Georgia Tech loses to Duke, the team that everyone expected to finish 7th in the Coastal will be alone atop the division. Mike London sits in his office, massaging an old Richmond PD badge. “All according to the plan.”


6 – Virginia Tech: Say what you will about Michael Brewer and his 11 interceptions this season. He was the inspiration behind $2,740 being donated to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital by #goacc enthusiasts.


7 – Miami: I have zero conviction about any of the rankings between 7th and 12th. However, I am thoroughly convinced Miami will run over Cincinnati, because they have Duke Johnson and the Bearcats don’t have run defense.


8 – Duke: As if losing to Miami wasn’t painful enough for Duke, 10 players then came down with a virus. Only in the Coastal Division would a team find a way to get LESS healthy on a bye week.


9 – Pittsburgh: Losing 24-19 to Virginia, which has proven to be a very good team with a stout defense, wouldn’t be that bad … if the Panthers hadn’t just lost to Akron. James Conner has proven to be mortal, which is an unfortunate development for Pitt moving forward. Be less mortal, James! It’s all we ever wanted from you!


10 – Boston College: Your #goacc Game of the Week. Boston College (the team that beat USC) got a week off to lick its wounds from the Colorado State loss to prepare for a trip to Raleigh against a team that looked incredible against Florida State and awful against Clemson. Prepare to be dumbfounded … and by teams not in the Coastal, which is the most dumbfounding part of all.


11 – Syracuse: “Looking ahead” is sometimes frowned upon in sports, but I think the Orange should get a pass if they are more excited about facing Wake Forest in two weeks than hosting Florida State this week. I mean, it’ll be fun right up until the part where the ball is kicked off.


12 – NC State: Dave Doeren chalked up facing Florida State and Clemson in back-to-back weeks as the handiwork of ACC commissioner (and UNC alum) John Swofford.  Coach Doeren, phone call, line two. It’s Mark Turgeon.


13 – North Carolina: Good news! UNC’s defense wasn’t setting up basketball jokes last week against Virgina Tech. Bad news! The UNC offense was setting up baseball jokes instead. And even Mike Fox had to be muttering under his breath, “I think you are changing quarterbacks too much.”


14 – Wake Forest: I’m sorry, Wake fans. At least basketball starts soon. Oh, right.


Got beef? Got name suggestions? Follow me on the Twitters at @ztevans. Until next week, peace, love, and #goacc.

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