Basketball in the new ACC looks like the old ACC : SportingNews Top 25 and other Top 25 basketball rankings.


Just a short post for tonight….

We are right in the middle of football season, but for those peeking ahead to basketball, the new ACC is looking a lot like the old ACC. You know what means right? It’s means the best basketball in the country. I’m a football guy first, but I do love some college basketball. The ACC is going to be a great basketball conference in 2014. Have you seen the Sportings New top 25? 

4 of the top 8 teams hail from the ACC. 4-Duke, 5-UNC, 7- Louisville and 8 -Virginia, are the ACC teams in the top 8. Syracuse checks in at number 23, giving the ACC 5 top 25 teams.

Dick Vitale also 4 ACC teams in top 10, and 5 ranked ACC teams. Blue Ribbon’s basketball top 25, has 4 ACC Teams in the top 11, and 5 top 25 teams. 

Oh boy is basketball season going to be fun in the ACC…

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