Georgia Tech football after 4 games in 2014 : Fraud or For Real?

Robert Godhigh,  Zach Laskey, Darren Waller, DeAndre Smelter

As Georgia Tech moves into a week 5 BYE, they sit a surprising 4-0, after a win at Virginia Tech. Could this be a 2011 like season when Georgia Tech started the year 6-0, and then promptly lost 5 of their last 7 games?  The big question on everyone’s mind if are they a fraud or for real? I’m a Georgia Tech alum, and I don’t even know. I’m not even sure which Georgia Tech team was the real one when they played Georgia Southern. The Jackets led 35-10 at the half only to get outscored in the second half 28-7.

Here is what I am sure of Georgia Tech.

Justin Thomas is the best quarterback Paul Johnson has had since Josh Nesbitt. Even though Thomas has only started 4 games, this already seems certain. He’s already drawing comparisons to former Georgia Tech star QB Joe Hamilton. Who knows how good he will be once he gets some experience. Remember Thomas was HS QB that was a 4 star recruit committed to play CB at Alabama. He was a high school track star, and is the most athletic QB Johnson has ever had running the triple option. After 2 4th comebacks, he is the real deal.

The offense also has NFL level talent at WR in DeAndre Smelter. He sits second in the ACC in receiving yards, and could be on his way to a 900-1100 yard receiving year. There is also a stable of quality running backs. Not since the Nesbitt, Jonathan Dwyer, Demaryius Thomas days, has their been this much talent on the offensive side of the ball. The offense – for real.

The real question marks of the team reside on defense. The defense is ranked 74th in the country, and has struggled mightily at times. There isn’t a lot of talent here. The rushing defense is 94th, which speaks to the issues along the defensive line. What Tech does do well is force turnovers. They have 7 in 4 games.

Ok I know the offense is good, and the defense is kind of bad, but opportunistic. Who is Georgia Tech?

Like I said before, and even after looking at the players and stats in more detail I still don’t know. Thomas could hit a wall, and the defense doesn’t get better or Thomas continues to progress, and the defense gradually improves.

What must happen is Georgia Tech has to take advantage of this start. With Miami and Duke at home in the next two weeks, the Yellow Jackets can seize control of the Coastal if they can win both of those games. Fraud and For Real? Ask me again in two weeks.

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