Virginia Tech gets their chance to make a statement against Ohio State.


Earlier this summer, I thought the Virginia Tech/Ohio State game would be a nice little non-conference game. One where Virginia Tech would hopefully play well, then get back to the business of trying to win the ACC Coastal Division. A lot has changed since then. The Buckeye’s star QB Braxton Miller is out with an injury. Ohio State didn’t look sharp in game one against a feisty Navy team.

For Virginia Tech, they may have found a quarterback in Michael Brewer, and a star in the making in freshman running back Shai Mckenzie. You know under Bud Foster the defense will be solid. The Hokies feature arguably the best pair of cornerbacks in college football in Kendall Fuller and Brandon Facyson. Suddenly this game just isn’t one where Virginia Tech wants to play well, but it’s one where they can make national statement that Hokie’s football is truly back.

These opportunities don’t come often, and in the ACC only Florida State and Clemson have cashed in on those opportunities. Despite Clemson’s loss last week to Georgia, they still have wins over Auburn, LSU, Florida State, Georgia and Ohio State in the last two years. The Seminoles have their dominanting win at Clemson, a win with their C game against Oklahoma St. and of course the win for all wins, the defeat of Auburn in the national title game. Before joining the conference, Louisville got a signature Sugar Bowl win over Florida from a couple of years. Each of these wins put those programs in the national consciousness.

This is where Virginia Tech used to be, and isn’t now. Yes it will a tall order for the Hokies to go into Columbus and win. Yes no one expects them to win, but Frank Beamer and his Hokies have a chance to restore some of Virginia Tech’s past glory. Here’s your chance Virginia Tech, lets see what you can do.

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