Best Division in College Football? The SEC West then who?


If there was any doubt about the SEC West being the best division in College Football those questions were answered tonight. Arguably the 5th best SEC West in Texas A&M went into Columbia and absolutely destroyed SEC East favorite South Carolina 52-28. Now that’s scary, because the Gamecocks could still be the SEC East’s best team.

Auburn, Alabama, and LSU are in the top 15. Texas A&M is sure to join them now. Ole Miss finished off Boise St. and gives the the SEC West 5 top 20 teams. While the SEC has a tendency to get overrated, I really don’t have a problem with that.

When you look at the rest of the college football divisions who would put behind the SEC West?

SEC East – Uh no… there are at most 2 top 25 caliber teams in this division. The SEC East got outscored 89-35 last night, to the 4th or 5th best SEC West team and something called Temple. Yes 2-10 Temple won at Vanderbilt, a 9 win SEC Team from 2013 37-7.

Big 10 East – That’s a decent division with Michigan St., Ohio State, and a Penn State team that might be good. Let’s remember this one.

Big 10 West – Just Wisconsin and Nebraska here, nope.

ACC Coastal – There’s not currently a top 25 team in the bunch. Oh I forgot about UNC… There is one.

ACC Atlantic – Now we might have something. Florida State is the country’s best team. Clemson is a top 25 team, and Louisville might be as well. Wake Forest is terrible, but the top has quality.

Pac 12 North – Oregon and Stanford are strong. Washington might be pretty good too. I like this division. I give them edge on the ACC Atlantic.

Pac 12 South – UCLA could be very good, and Arizona State isn’t bad. USC is ranked highly, but their season is about to implode.

So if I am ranking divisions this is how I see it.

1) SEC West

2) Pac 12 North

3) ACC Atlantic

4) Pac 12 South 

5) Big 12 – You have no divisions Big 12, so your whole conference gets ranked.

6) Big 10 East

7) SEC East 

8) Big 10 West 

9) ACC Coastal 


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