ACC releases Basketball Schedule… at a really odd time.


Before I begin, let me take a moment to pay respect to someone that contributed several articles on this blog, and who I corresponded with on email a number of times.

@A_E_M ( Alex Mazzolini ) passed away yesterday. He was passionate sports fan and loved his Tar Heels. Several people across the ACC knew Alex and the articles he wrote across several sites. This was very sad news to hear. RIP Alex.

Now to my post for today….

The ACC isn’t trying to forget its basketball past, but it is trying or should be trying to building its football brand.I’ll be the first to admit that I like basketball almost as much as football. My first memories of the ACC were of it’s great basketball heritage. I can’t wait to see Louisvilles, UNCs Dukes, Syracuses, Virginias and more matching up. It will be the most anticipated ACC Basketball season in at least a decade. That said right now it’s football season.

The on the field performance has improved the last two years, and the ACC has done some football promotion of its teams recent successes. Today, though they dropped the ball.

The ACC released its basketball schedule… the same week the college football season starts. My twitter timeline is filled primarily with ACC sports fans, and they spent the afternoon talking about basketball rather than the upcoming football season. This is a mistake on both the basketball and football fronts.

Had the ACC released their schedule a week or two ago, there would have been a 2 or 3 day discussion on all the Hall of Fame basketball coaches in the ACC, and a breakdown of the schedule.

Released today, and as I said we discussed for an afternoon. Some ACC football teams play as soon as tomorrow, and we’re talking basketball? Tomorrow we we’ll be back talking about football, and that takes away from the basketball schedule release.

I’m not sure releasing the schedule later would have been better. Actually that would have been just as bad, but the solution is easy.

ACC – just release the basketball schedule a couple of weeks prior to the start of the college football season.

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