Podcast – @HokieSmash and @TalkinACCSports preview the College Football Season with @RussMitchellCFB


@HokieSmash and I @TalkinACCSports  are getting you prepared for the football season, with a couple of great podcasts this weekend. In the first one, we were thrilled to be joined by @RussMitchellCFB (Russ Mitchell) of CampusInsiders. @RussMitchellCFB is simply a wealth of national football knowledge, and provides great perspective and insight into a variety of topics.

We appreciate @RussMitchellCFB coming on the podcast and talking some College Football. 

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In this order, these are topics we covered on the podcast. It’s episode 55 on the dropdown list.

@RussMitchellCFB tell us about himself and what he is working on. 

How excited is @RussMitchellCFB about the upcoming college football season?

Who wins the ACC Coastal? Who takes a step forward/back? 

Who wins the ACC Atlantic? Who takes a step forward/back? 

Favorites to win the Big 12, Big 10, Pac 12 and SEC

I have to warn you. There were about 15 seconds of dead air, where we had some momentary technical difficulties. Don’t worry just keep listening… @RussMitchellCFB had asked about Duke OC Kurt Roper going to Florida. Bear with us, it’s a live recording and we had a little hiccup, where I didn’t quite hear the question. By the way I think it was a great move by Florida to follow the ACC model of team building. Did you get that?  Just kidding…

Duke had a very efficient offense, that really utilized the short passing game. It’s just the kind of offense that should work well in Florida where they just need a boost of confidence.

Which four teams makes the playoffs and who wins it all. (Hint : FSU fans will like this answer)

How do you feel about the Selection Committee’s criteria for the playoffs.  

 How long will the playoffs stay at 4 games?

Where is Power 5 Autonomy headed? 

Favorite places to eat in a college town. 

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