Which ACC Football Programs have their stock going up and which are going down?


As we prepare for another college football season in a just a few days, let’s take a look at each ACC Football Program like it’s the stock. I’m talking about the the next 3-4 years.

Would you Buy, Sell, or Hold these ACC Football Program’s stock.

Clemson  – HOLD

Clemson has a had a great last 3 years winning over 30 games, and beating several power programs like LSU, Georgia, Florida State, Auburn and Ohio State. They recruit well, and seem positioned well, but there are two question marks for me that are unanswered. Florida State has done a a great job dealing with coaching turnover, the Tigers haven’t had nearly as much to deal with. OC Chad Morris and DC Brent Venables will eventually leave Clemson, will they take a step back? The other question is when are they going to beat than team from Columbia again? I think Clemson is going to be good, just how good is the question.

Florida State – BUY

Keep buying more of this mega stock. Even if FSU isn’t in the national title hunt each year, as long as JImbo Fisher is there, they’ll never be more than a year from getting back to the 4 team playoffs. Fisher has handled star player losses and coaching turnover brilliantly. He’s turned the Noles into national power, and they should be there for the foreseeable future.

Duke – HOLD

It’s not that I don’t think Duke has come a long way. They have, but I do wonder if last season was the ceiling. Duke can be a perennial bowl team, but winning another Coastal Division? I’m not so sure. This year looked like a possibility before the Blue Devils were ravaged by injury. Let’s wait on this one…

Georgia Tech – SELL

It pains me as a Georgia Tech grad to say SELL on the Jackets, but nothing about this program feels right. They haven’t recruited well, the school just self-imposed another two years of probation, and next year the schedule is a nightmare with Notre Dame, FSU, Georgia and Clemson. The recruiting is on a slight uptick this year, but it may be too little to late. I think the Jackets window of being a top 25 type team is closing or has closed for the next few year.

Virginia – SELL

Virginia’s stock is so low right now it’s basically worthless. Sometimes you have to just cut your losses, and move on. The Cavaliers have some solid talent, but given this year’s brutal schedule, it will be another long season at Virginia. When the Hoos start showing a pulse any pulse I’ll be back on board.

Syracuse – HOLD

Syracuse has the same problem everyone in the Coastal not named Florida State, Clemson, and Louisville have. How do you get past those first three teams, especially if Petrino stays committed to Louisville? Scott Shafer did a credible job in his first year the helm. I don’t see the Orange falling back, but I can see them breaking through either.

Boston College – HOLD

See Syracuse… Replace Shafer with Steve Addiazo… Credible job by Addiazo, the mountain is too high to climb.

Wake Forest – STRONG SELL

Wake Forest is just in the wrong division, and the wrong time. The ACC Atlantic is one of the best conference in the country with Florida State, Clemson, and Louisville. The Deacs may yet rebound in a few years, but it’s hard to see them getting over the hump in the next 2-3 years.

Louisville – HOLD

I almost made Louisville a BUY. The Cardinals have been a big winner the last 2 years, and looked poised for bigger things. There’s one problem I don’t trust Bobby Petrino. Petrino might be a great coach, but I’m not ready to say he’s put all his off the field issues behind him. Is he really committed to Louisville? If YES, this is a BUY. The resources are there for the Cardinals to be a consistent 9-10 game winner in the ACC.

Miami – BUY

I might get questioned on this, because we’ve been waiting for Miami to turn the corner ever since they arrived in the ACC. I refuse to believe that as well as they recruit they aren’t going to become a perennial top 25 team. Last year we saw flashes of Miami being very good again, before a late fade. The defense needs work, but with the NCAA stuff behind them the Canes can moved forward.

Virginia Tech – HOLD (barely)

After 2 straight disappointing years, I’m a barelyHOLD on to my Virginia Tech stock. This year the schedule is favorable, and the offense well it can’t get any worse. The Hokies still feature elite defenders, but if Beamer can’t turn it around this year, it might not happen for him before he retires. If the Hokies produce another 5+ loss season, SELL SELL SELL.

North Carolina – BUY

I’m bullish on North Carolina. While I don’t think they will the Coastal Division this year, I like where the program is headed. They were probably the Coastal Division best team in 2012, and finished last year strongly. They recruit well, and Fedora’s system seems to be taking hold. I believe the Tar Heels are close to their best run of football since the Mack Brown era.

NC State – HOLD

The Wolfpack didn’t win an ACC game last year. They will this year. There is no doubt in my mind they will be better than in 2013. From there it’s up to Dave Doeren to turn NC State into a team that is solid year in and year out. It’s too early to say if he’s going to be able to do it. I’d like to see the recruiting pick up.

Pittsburgh – HOLD

Pittsburgh has went 13-13 the last two season. They were good enough to beat ranked Virginia Tech, Rutgers, Notre Dame teams and 2013 Coastal Division champs Duke the last 2 years. There were also bad enough to lose to Youngstown St. I’m a HOLD on Pittsburgh for a little while longer. If they can’t do something in a wide open Coastal Division this year let this stock go.

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