@DavidTeelatDP talks to Virginia Tech AD @WhitBabcock about #ACC channel, football ticket sales, costs of NCAA reform.


@DavidTeelatDP of the Daily Press is as plugged into the ACC and the Virginia schools as any journalist covering the ACC. He just had an great interview with Virginia Tech AD @WhitBabcock  on a variety of topics.

The entire post which is well worth the read can be found at the Daily Press. 

Of particular interest to many ACC Fans is the status of that ACC Channel. Babcock had this to say to Teel….

Fans often ask me when they can expect the ACC to launch such a project, and Babcock said he expects a yes-or-no decision within 18 months.

“That SEC Network is really impressive,” he said. “I believe even before they launched they had more households than ESPNU. … I think in some respects we need to root for the SEC Network to do well because ESPN will have the template and we can follow it in 2016. If the SEC Network did flop for some reason, I don’t know that ESPN would jump in and try (again).”

Initially I was little disappointed in these comments. Is it really not clear at this point more definitively if a network is going to happen or not? Inside 18 months to decide on whether the network is a yes or no? Is it  not clear by now the SEC Network is going to be a huge success? The Big 10 easily got carriage for mediocre athletic schools like Maryland and Rutgers this year. The conference network model is still very viable. All of this was apparent weeks if not months ago.

I did not expect an official announcement of any sort, but I did expect a “things are going well and in a positive direction” type comment.

I posed this question to Teel.

So fear not ACC fans… While @DavidTeelatDP  can’t predict the future, if he’s confident a network will happen, then I am as well.

Swofford’s legacy depends on it as I said last week. 

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