How the ACC compares to the other Power 5 conferences in football recruiting in 2014 so far.


As we know recruiting is the life blood to college football. If you don’t recruit well best of luck competing against the best teams in out there. We’ve documented the slow growth of ACC football the last couple of years, but it can only continue if the conference’s member can recruit the top football players in the country.

So let’s take a look at how the ACC is doing vs the rest of the Power 5 conferences so far in 2014.


1. SEC 2265 pts.

2. Big 10 1451 pts

3. ACC 1448 pts

4. Big 12 1280 pts.

5. Pac 12 1230 pts.


1. SEC 1579 pts

2. ACC 1219 pts.

3. Big 10 1034 pts

4. Pac 12 908 pts.

5. Big 12 874 pts


1. SEC 207.9 pts

2. ACC 173.8 pts.

3. Big 10 164.0 pts

4. Big 12 148.3 pts.

5. Pac 12 148.0 pts

Well we have three different recruiting service rankings, and they are largely the same. The SEC is out front with a hefty lead. Those are strong numbers for the SEC, as they typically are, but not strong enough to justify USA Today Oddsmaker Danny Sheridan’s ridiculous comments. According to Sheridan the SEC has 5 team’s 2nd string unit that could go undefeated in the Big 10. Um yea that’s comedy gold.

Anyways, it appears here the ACC is roughly running second.

No doubt led in large part by Clemson’s and Florida State’s class. Miami and UNC are also recruiting well, and Duke, Boston College Syracuse, and Georgia Tech are also putting together nice classes. That last 4 ACC teams just mentioned in the ACC doing well, aren’t typically known for strong recruiting. That’s normally the middle to bottom of the ACC, so good to see those schools elevating their recruiting.

The Big 12 and Pac 12 are off to off to slow starts. and the Big 10 is being helped by James Franklin’s recruiting efforts at Penn State.

If the ACC can’t continue their football improvement, they can’t blame their recruiting. The conference can get top players to their schools.

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