The week that changed Major College athletics for better or worse…


Well there we have it, the week 8/3/2014, will be remembered as the week that changed major college athletics for better or for worse. We probably really won’t know sure for another 10 years or so.

If you haven’t followed the last 2 days. Two majors rulings were handed down…

The NCAA granted the Power 5 Conference Autonomy and today the O’Bannon judge rules the NCAA violated anti-trust laws, meaning players could earn money from their likeness.  

I don’t claim to be an expert on what this all means, but I basically it is less power for the NCAA and more for the Power 5 conferences.

Tentatively I believe this is all for the better, but where there is money there is corruption. The Power 5 conferences have to be very careful. I liken it to the 1984 Ruling when College Athletics Television rights were taken from the NCAA and given to the individual schools and conferences.

For some schools and conferences revenues skyrocketed, but we also saw the destruction of several historical rivalries, and conferences. I’m not always sure college presidents and conference leaders always had the student athlete in mind when when competing conference schools sometimes are several thousand miles apart. In some cases even in different time zones.

If Power 5 leaders and NCAA truly take into consideration the student athlete, then yes these ruling will benefit college athletics. I like the idea of renewable scholarships and trust funds being set up for student athletes when their likness is used. My understanding is that the trust funds will be capped by the NCAA which is a good thing.

Ok College presidents and conference commissioners you’ve been granted even more power, don’t screw it up, and by that I mean keep the student athlete and not your own self interests first.

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